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Before I begin to discuss ranged brothers, I drop two images here to convince you that melee brothers are not merely shields for range brothers.

In second image, a melee brother can deal 1000 dmg per round. So it’s time for you to rely more on melee brothers, this will also help you understand the role of range brothers better.
>> The AI is subject to same rules as a player. If you take quivers from the ground or loot them after battle, you should see numbers diminished. I do. I never saw enemy archer to run out of ammo, because I never let them live long enough to spend it all on my brothers.
If I remember correctly, an enemy archer has fired more than 40 arrows. Also, all enemy archers have a melee weapon right? So they can’t be carrying 50 arrows to enable them for firing 40+ arrows. This is why I suspect they have unlimited ammo. And it is especially disadvantageous if your team uses defensive styles and defensive perks. You can’t hold out until enemy runs out of arrow, because they have infinite ammo.

Also, enemy archer spends AP to switch weapons. Thus they should have no Quick Hands. But I’ve never seen them switching the empty quivers. Another reason to suspect about the infinite ammo.

>> Firing a crossbow takes only 2 AP, so you can fire and move [away]. You’ll have to sacrifice next turn to reload, but you’ll be able to fire instantly and at that point you should be in safer spot than where you begun.
There’s no problem if users are players as we know how to plan our moves. But I think it will be less efficient for ranged enemy to use this, as their AI rule dictates them to keep a specific distance from us. In conjunction with high reload AP (7 AP), AI archer might have less mobility/offense if they use crossbow this way. Also, if they move to a tile with height difference (3AP), they can’t reload this round. I doubt AI archer can keep all these stuff in mind.
>>> Hybrid Brothers (melee+range skill) <<<
I’m oblivious to how much time I spent in Orc’s Fitness Center. But I think I deserved a lifetime membership card. One day, I finally managed to level up my hybrid brothers to lv11. All the pain and hardship to accumulate 9500 exp. You might I think I’m exaggerating a little or something, but I tell you what………… IT’S OVER 9000!!!! щ(ºДºщ) MY EXP!!!! щ(ºДºщ)

Ughh…. look at my ugly banner. I really wish devs would allow us to change our group name and banner. If I know I would spent this much time in this experimental gameplay, I would have spend some time to choose the name and banner, rather than just going with default ones. I’m glad the new large patch might wipe out all old & incompatible saves so I have an excuse to start new game in future.

Well, it’s almost 1 year anniversary for my merc band! So I decided to challenge a challenging enemy. But I was too full of myself….. THEN TRAGEDY HAPPENED.

I was unable to kill the last enemy at end of 2nd round….. WHYYYYY!!!????? O|¯|_ Why does this happen on my 1 year anniversary commemoration battle?

Well, at least 500 exp in 2.1 rounds is something memorable for my 1 year anniversary commemoration battle.
Incidentally, I call my hybrid brothers “Avengers”, as vengeance doesn’t require care or protection for personal safety.

Hybrid brothers have most flexibility in their offense, as they can choose between melee and range attacks. Unlike ranged or melee brothers, there’s nothing that limits hybrid brother from delivering death to an enemy. This is especially deadly against enemy units with special effect, which are powerful but fragile. For example, ghost & necromancer. Your crossbow can kill necromancer in one hit.

Not sure if I’m dreaming, Not long ago, ghost used AoE(area of effect) attack like wail or scream. And my brother with 80 resolve is fleeing instantly, though his morale should be steady or confident. Range weapon is a good idea for these kinds of troublesome enemies as you can take them out from a distance. Hybrid brothers should have less ammo as they carry inventory of both range and melee brothers. So all ammo of hybrid brothers should be spent on special enemies, or range enemies.

I would say ranged brothers are Defensive Archers, while hybrid brothers are Offensive Archers. Ranged brothers have to rely on melee brothers to tank the enemy, or wait for enemy to come. Also, ranged brother is always at the rear. Therefore, ranged brothers’ attack range is more limited. With prowess to combat melee enemies, hybrid brothers are the frontiers in battlefield. This enables them to shoot an arrow at the horizon.

If offense capability ranks from F to SS, I would say my team is somewhere around rank S. Most of my brothers are with summer wear, so it’s not surprising. But it’s a little tiring to play with this team setup, as you always need to think and calculate your steps. It’s time for me to put on some armor to see if things will get easier, at the expense of prolonged battle.

Anyone else find the strength indicator against enemy on world map is not so accurate? It might label weaker enemy as strong and vice versa. Yes I know the strength of enemy is heavily affected by the weakness of your team setup, but I still find the strength indicator less reliable.