Reply To: Real Value of Ranged Brothers

Avatar photoHoly.Death

Before I begin to discuss ranged brothers, I drop two images here to convince you that melee brothers are not merely shields for range brothers. […] In second image, a melee brother can deal 1000 dmg per round. So it’s time for you to rely more on melee brothers, this will also help you understand the role of range brothers better.

Are we talking about a fully leveled up brother? If yes, then you don’t have to convince anyone that an experienced melee brother is extremely useful. I only call melee brothers shields for range brothers when they can’t contribute to combat on their early levels (I give them spear and shield, to boost their base accuracy and make them harder to be hit).

By the way, how is taunt talent working? Does it forces enemy to attack the taunting brother only when enemies can reach him (move and/or attack)? Or does it make enemies to go on all out attack against any target close by (which can be useful if you don’t want enemies to shieldwall after an attack)? Does it work on the undead? I couldn’t really tell…

Ughh…. look at my ugly banner. I really wish devs would allow us to change our group name and banner. If I know I would spent this much time in this experimental gameplay, I would have spend some time to choose the name and banner, rather than just going with default ones. I’m glad the new large patch might wipe out all old & incompatible saves so I have an excuse to start new game in future.

Here is an excellent discussion about banners.