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Avatar photoSarissofoi

So there will be Lich.
I am kinda scared.
Great news for minifactions. Do you plan add some new units for them?
Zombies are kind of limited. Do they get their own sort of weapons and armours? Or at last rusted/ damaged versions of current ones ( kind of weorse bandit gear?).
So necromancers are corrupted druids? Instead bringing life they bring dead to unlife. Neet.

I agree on Ghouls switching to beast category. Them fighting alongside zombies always make me wonder why they not eat them.
Wonder if you plan to add some deep for a Ghouls. Like add them Pack Leaders/Hunters(stronger type) and Quenss/Martiarchs(mini boss type). Overall I can see them as a sort of nightloving scavengers that live in caves, catacombs or even in city severs. Weak and covardly alone but agressive in packs.

By the way. Are you plan to add some flavour to wolf folk? I kinda can imagine them as a tribals with feathers amulets and stuff with native look.
They can run with Wargs as the lower unit then current Werewolf then some stronger one and Alpha(mini boss). They could be a hunter extremly territorial society with their own small camps.

I really enjoy look of your new sceletons.
Can you add them some red fires in their eyeballs fore maximum spooky effect?
Thanks for your amazing work.