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I have 2 different party mercenaries: 150 and 50 hours- I also have never seen (check castles on a regular basis) heraldic coat of mail. I have even been able to get the wolf mail and remove from the vile green corpses 4 crossbow overseer – heraldic coat of mail but does not. A little wary, but if it was unavailable rare horned helmet and ax – that’s when I really worried :)
taking the opportunity – it should again be noted that the graphic alteration of mercenaries, orcs, equipment and goblins themselves – just perfect. and the new music is 11 out of 10
and most importantly, the sound of fleeing in panic or goblin to die – this is the most pleasant sounds to my ears in this patch. oh yeah baby!
and we must pass on to Rap that his work on improving the AI opponents and even the militia – visible and this is a very difficult and important work that deserves respect