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Paul, can you please show us few pictures of noble houses in game?

Unfortunately not yet.
Heres why:
First thing we did is write the game design of what role Noble houses play in the game and how they influence the game world and player.
Second thing was to come up with a cool procedually generation system for different noble houses.
Third thing was me making up a system how to represent these houses in game.
– Random Banner (the Charge of the banner actually refers to the character of the house. A warlike house will sport smth ferocious like a ram, axes, lions a bull or antlers. A Benevolent house will sport smth noble like Crowns, Horses, Eagles, Acorns or Fleur de Lis).
– Shields (These Banners will be shown on the faction shields in tactical combat)
– Surcoats (Faction Soldiers will wear surcoats of the according colors, while faction militia will just wear armbands in the according colors)

So as you see for me the first thing is mash up a giant host of banners. Then select how many and which ones we want to use in the game. After that I start producing the ingame assets like shields and surcoats.

Shields will be lootable by the player. If the surcoats will be lootable is stil under discussion as it would either require another inventory slot and/or producing a mass of new icons/items for the player. As we would rather spend our ressources on more important stuff its not likely to happen.

Something I am pondering right now is how exactly the Mercenary Banners for the player will look like. We either say the player just chooses from the same pool of banners like the noble houses or we make another set of banners for the player. I honestly like the idea to have the mercenary banners look different to noble house banners.
We will see….

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