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A skunk is a little too “north american” for my tastes but I can offer you a Badger Banner. Woulkd that suffice? :)

*Sigh* Yeah, I guess. A skunk just strikes me as a very good heraldic animal as far a colors go, but extremely unlikely as far as reputation goes. I don’t believe the European polecat comes close to the intense, diSTINKtive, hauntingly unforgettable “nose” of a direct spray of the black striped skunk! Yet the skunk fits with the “Brave, brave Sir Robin” style I sometimes play. ;-)
Still, badgers make an excellent heraldic animal. And there’s a definite connection to a mercenary company’s possible character. Badgers are known on both continents for being fierce fighters and very stubbornly doing what they want. So, yes, that works!! Thanks! :-)

P.S. The noble house art examples in the blog post are superb! Keep banging away at what is needed to get the game to match the vision!

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