Reply To: [suggestion] Clearly unbalanced enemies

Avatar photoMeeky

Hot dang Jaffi, I’ve never thought to all out max fatigue a guy including using light armor and then perfect focusing with a 2 hander. It seems so obvious now

I’ve done it a few times myself because two-handed weaponry is my favorite in the game. It works like a charm, but I don’t use it in every battle. Some fights pretty much demand you have that extra armor. It’s why I always keep extra gear in my pack: suits of armor, both heavy and light, spare weapons, different ranged weapons (I typically use archers but may switch to crossbows for fighting orcs / Fallen Heroes)…

One thing I’d like to note: I almost always take Perfect Focus instead of the other perk nowadays, no matter the character. Perfect Focus just has such good synergy with anything that reduces fatigue, especially Rally. Invariably, no matter who I choose to do what, when I have both Berserkers and dudes with Perfect Focus in my army, the Perfect Focus troops outperform the Berserkers.

The above is the same reason my go-to ranged weapon is a bow, but I’m able and willing to swap to a crossbow.