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    How about instead of being random, the stats are maxed out if you’ve actually used that skill a lot since last level up. So if you try to level up the melee stat of a guy who’s only used bows, he’ll get +1. A guy that’s constantly engaged in melee gets +4. (or whatever you set to be max)

    A guy that carry lots of gear/uses lots of fatigue gets to max out the fatigue stat, etc.

    (Personally I’d love for stats to be increased after each battle, X-Com style)


    My experiences with Battle Brothers largely start with the world map update. So my opinion may seem a little bit different on this topic. I understand that people think that static choices can be boring, and that random ones punish players. So there are two ways we can go about this:

    1. If the objective of random stats is to provide difficulty, then random stats should be part of the difficulties themselves. This adds depth to the difficulties while allowing people to choose how they want to play in a meaningful way. So even difficulty would be fairly static stats, challenging would be more random, and deadly would be very random.
    2. If there is no real substantive reason for the randomized stats, it should be an option that is set for each individual campaign. This would allow players to choose but not change their minds in an effort to game the system.

    Personally I find random stats a little annoying, but I didn’t think it was an issue til I saw this thread.

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