Topic: Autosaves hang in Ironman. Food still consumed

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    I find when I play Ironman Veteran that the process of autosaving causes the game to hang for 2-3 minutes. Most noticeably when I click ‘leave’ to exit a town, there is a delay of 2-3 minutes before the game catches up. I have to press the space bar to stop time from elapsing while the game catches up. If I do not I find typically one to one and a half game days have elapsed when the game catches up. Even when I successfully pause the game whilst it hands, when I unpause the game I typically lose about a days worth of food. This to me indicates it’s a bug problem not my system.

    When I conclude a battle if I’ve picked up coins I hear the coins clinking to indicate they’ve been added to my stockpile while I still see the loading screen(I also have to pause to stop the game in this instance).
    However, if there is an after-mission text window e.g. slaying Hoggart or recovering a staff or tome for a village notable then the game auto-pauses and there are no lost resources.

    I don’t know what screenshots would be useful in this instance as you’ll just see an arbitrary number being deducted from my food stockpile and a screenshot of a village or of a loading screen. I will attach my system specs.

    Please address this in v1.1 patch- I love playing Ironman but this makes it even more difficult than the intended difficulty curve and generally very time consuming to play. This would be a good ‘quality of life’ fix!

    I believe someone else reported a similar problem a month ago but I couldn’t find the thread.

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    If you’re using Avast, then take a look here.

    Otherwise, please follow the instructions here.

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    If anyone is experiencing this problem please post here and state what anti-virus software you are using (if any).

    I’m going to experiment with my McAfee settings and see if I get any results.

    Rap – I’ll email a save game file over on Friday.

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