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    – Escorting caravan from A to D
    – B is under attack by Orcs, caravan gets to a certain distance then turns around, withdraws for a while then proceeds to attempt climbing a mountain for 30 seconds, stops climbing, goes back to town B with orcs and the cycle begins anew.
    – If I move ahead to clear the orcs from the path, I get the message I’ve lost my caravan. Thinking it was a one off I abandoned the mission. Later encountered the similiar situation on another escort I picked up.

    Would really like to see an option to manually guide the caravan. Even a simple click “Go here directly” giving us the opportunity to clear the path of enemies.


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    Caravans are just too slow to avoid almost anything. So why not decrease the vision distance of caravans to 0 or 0.1 to just prevent any potential error?

    The caravans are directed by merchants who already claimed to deliver goods in time so in theory player could not order caravans and caravans are perfect preys on roads.

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    Yes the ai sometimes does things that don’t seem necesserely right. I’m sure it will be taken care of later on, most of these issues should be fixable.

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    I notice this too.
    Its just caravan self-preservation instinct.
    They try to avoid danger and move around it.
    I have similar situation. The caravan move backward then try to move trough mountains but after moment it come back to road.
    Just Pay attention to the escorted caravan.
    Bonus pic of 4 my guys(3 militia men plus one hunter) fighting lonely fight against overwhelming number of bloodthirsty savege orcs.

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    Does the donkey on the hill get tohit bonus for head attacks?

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