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    Hi there.

    (sorry if my english is sometimes dull or awkward, but it’s not my first or even second langage, so I’m still improving it ;) )

    So, back to the point, I blindly try the game two times (the first one was rather short, and on the second one, I only get one loss for 80 days played!)
    This game is really great, not much I have to say, and also, I didn’t get into any bug (but I didn’t try to broke the game).

    My only concern, and that’s not an heavy one, is the lack of possibility to mix perk tree. Especialy those level 2.
    One easy thing to do, is to improve the level cap to 12, wich allow to have 11 perk, 6 in one, and 5 in the second.

    The second point, and I’m not sure if it’s a real good idea, so it’s more to discuss about that, is to add the option to access level2 of each tree, if you get 2 level 1 perk in each tree.
    To be clear, let me explain that in game :p. The actual rule for the level 2 perk is :
    “needs 3 perk in this category to unlock”
    and I would like something : “needs 3 perk in this category or at least 2 perks in each category to unlock”

    No need to change the level3 perks.

    The idea behind that, is to allow those who want to create a kind of jack of all trade with some level 2 perk in each tree. Or with more choice on level1 perk if you go for one tree level3

    The only drawback I see, is that It will lead to some player choosing more level 2 perk thant level 1 in one category. But still, on a more global view, it’s still the same amount of level 1 perk.

    Avatar photoQuidman

    And Also, this game lack of women warrior. A few of them (may be a specifique background with something like +10 resolve because they have to show they resolve, and -10 to initiative, because in this game, this is a world of men, so they don’t usualy act first) would be great! But I guess it’s not worth the work, since you have to create a new specific set of face/armor only for them…

    Avatar photoSky

    There is a balance atm with the perk trees, by allowing your kind of accessebility to tier 2 this balance will fall apart instantly. You can make fearsome combinations with tier 2 perks of two trees, now with ability to access all three of the trees will get not jack-of-all-trades but terminators. And that is quite the opposite the game stands for atm I feel. You have to chose carefuly if you wish to get a specific result, or go all random and it will be still valid but none of them will be overpowered.

    Women characters will come “soon” if I understood correctly.

    Avatar photoQuidman

    I’m not quite sure you will be that powerfull. Since you only get 4 perk to put on these tree. But Since I’m generally bad at min-maxing I will trust you on this point.

    Avatar photoRap

    Women characters will come “soon” if I understood correctly.

    More like eventually.

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    Avatar photoBuce

    Instead of perk tree and level cap I would give different perk cost (1 point for 1 tire perk, 2 points for 2 tire per, 4 points for 4 tire perk) + every perk needs proper statistics, and perk points only for 2/3 levels (1,2 level perk, 3 level no perk, 4,5 level perk,6 no perk, etc). In that case there is no weird restrictions and your battle brothers will be more different. Of course this should be balanced against munchins :)

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