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    As long as named weapons are already implemented and generated, and in late game it a great lot of money and nothing else to buy…
    Why not implement some kind of custom crafting to the local weaponsmith (and, may be later, armorsmith).
    For example:
    1) we want to get a new shiny sword
    2) go to the weaponsmith, give him some metal, 10.000 gold
    3) game generates new sword with random or custom parametrs (better random).

    This way we will have one more way to spend money in late game.

    P.S. To avoid save-load exploit to get better weapon – it can be crafted for a few days, while item parameters are actually generated just after payng.
    Or even – it can be ordered in some guild building at one settlement, while it will be ready somewhere else – to have a journey and risk, to avoid exploits.

    Avatar photoSky

    That is a very neat idea and it was already voiced long ago. I’d like to see something like this implemented too. Maybe as a special quest request from the smiths.

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