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    During the late game undead crisis, I was tasked with defending a settlement from the undead hordes.

    I defeated 3 hordes of undead, each time receiving this this screen screen, (which I personally found odd) before deciding that I would rather take the contract hit than risk fighting a fourth battle.

    Apparently missing only 1 undead horde was enough to lose the settlement… contrary from what I understood from reading the dev blogs here:
    I thought that attached locations were supposed to act as hitpoints for settlements? None of the attached locations were damaged/burned down…

    Even if this isn’t a bug, I felt pretty cheated by this. Furthermore, if it isn’t a bug, then any new player that gets put in this same position… (losing a full settlement to one undead horde) probably wouldn’t be having a great time either.

    All other things said, I’m really enjoying this game that you guys put together. I also respect you for the amount of work that you have to go through, Rap, because as for myself, I’m a student who’s a beginner to programming… and I know that it can be tough and time consuming.

    In the screenshot I provided, I’m not sure how that attachment to the settlement is burning, as I just walked by it and saw no undead horde on it (Only one undead horde was on the town hall part of the settlement).

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