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    Hey guys, I have somes questions here on two subjects :

    1/ First can you explain the difference between the difficulty setting in details (with number and %) ?
    For example : In Hard the enemy do more dps (125%), or spawn better troup and more quantity, we start with less money, earn less money for quest, less loot, highter price at shop, mercs exp more slowly etc… ?

    2/ How exactly the economy works in this game ? Obviously a caravan who reach is destination boost the economy of the place and a succesfull raid will lower the economy drastically, but I want to know more about the mechanics and more important the player impact. What is the most effective ways to get the economy of a broken country back and running (cities and castle) ?
    In fact, I have the bug who led all the country into total bankrupt (no more caravan, no more patrol) and I want to help it recover fast now that I have the man power to effectively protect caravan and defend cities !
    For example : The quest of package delivery have any effect on the economy ? And the quest for clearing some enemy camps, or clearing some camps without quest (despite the facts that will stop raid on the caravan and cities) ? The money given as a rewards for the quest lower the economy of the city (in that case I want the option to doing it for free or will do it on my own…) ?

    3/ And last question, the stuff you can buy in store depands only on the economy level or also on the time spends in the campaign ? I mean, can I see the high end stuff (armor, weapon) directly from the start or I must wait to see it appear later in the game (at days 60 or 90) ?

    Thanks for this game, I enjoy playing it a lot and I’m sure it will be greater and greater in the future.

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    Ad for now think its like this:

    1/ Starting money. Nothing else.

    2/The bug with the bancrupcy is fixed and it’s only time till things get better.
    There is no economy per say at this moment, there is the base for economy where a settlement produces goods then starts a caravan.
    To get things up or back to normal you will need to see the caravans safely arrive, defend the settlements from raids, help the patrols.
    Package deliveries do no effect but the caravan quests might be spawning additional caravans and that is good. Settlements have no money dependency at the moment so it does not matter how many things you sell buy or what jobs you deliver.

    3/It depends on the well being of a settlement, and that depends on how many caravans arrive. If the roads are safe the shops will get better equipment, if the caravans get rided and destroyed you will get nothing or basic stuff. You could see sometimes high end items from the start, it is random.

    Tho correct me if I’m wrong.

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