Topic: Game crash – unable to load the save (ironman)

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    Avatar photoGabbek

    Hello, I was fighting orcs and my game crashed on victory screen. After launching game again I’m unable to load the save. I get the following error:

    A critical exception occured. See the logfile for more details.

    If the game crashes repeatedly at startup, you should probably update your video drivers.

    The program will now terminate.

    + Function: loadCampaign() – File: scripts/states/world_state.nut:936
    + Function: init() – File: scripts/states/world_state.nut:777
    + Function: onInit() – File: scripts/states/world_state.nut:325

    I would greatly appreciate any help, would love to continue :(

    Avatar photoGabbek

    I found log file and savefile. Here they are :)

    Avatar photoRap

    Could you zip the savegame and attach it here or send it to Thanks!

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