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    im not entirely sure if this problem is related to battle brothers but i assume it is because it only happens when i play this game.
    the problem is that after one or two hours of gameplay the game and my entire pc just freezes completely and i have to restart it manually. i play in windowed borderless and often go to desktop to do other stuff. the last crash happened while i was on desktop.
    i went about a week without playing battle brothers and didnt get the crash even with more demanding games so i think its an isolated issue.

    maybe someone has some insight into the problem?

    edit: it didnt allow me to upload log. do i need to change the file format somehow?

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    Can you zip the logfile first?

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    ah sorry seems like i have overwriten the log file already.i get back to you when it occurs again though.
    i remember the last entry being “Loading: music/worldmap_08.ogg”. not sure if the log even mattered but i will post again when i have one for the bug.

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    here you go. crashed again. this time after about 20 minutes. seems to be pretty reliable with this game and have no issues whatsoever in other games or in general.

    EDIT: pretty sure this issue started when the update left the beta branch. i still have the beta branch selected though.

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    here another log for that issue.

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