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    Hi All,

    May I know what’s the strongest available weapon currently for following type:
    1. One-Handed Sword (Noble Sword)?
    2. Spear (Boar Spear)?
    3. Bow (Hunting Bow)?

    I would like to upgrade my current weapons as I have quite a number of golds and don’t want to upgrade armors as they eat Fatigue limit A LOT.
    What is your Fatigue Limit on average for your Battle Brothers?


    Avatar photoSky

    Those are the current strongest weapons.
    My test party average fatigue is 60-70 excluding archers, they had around 140. They are already in Lamellar and heavy Lamellar, one in coat of scales, one in heraldic mail. The recruits in mail shirt.

    The current playing party has 70-80 average equipped in mail and below.

    The difference is made by difficulty level and played time.

    Avatar photomrbunnyban

    I’m just wondering why we don’t have higher tier versions of various weapons. No higher tier spear, flail, bow. I guess it’s still early days in the game development.

    Avatar photoSky

    They are not implemented yet. It’s just few weeks into EA.

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