Topic: Long distance caravan contracts are basically suicide missions now LOL

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    I know 1000 bucks are quite tempting…but don’t fall for it! It’s a trap!

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    Heya, I don’t doubt that you are right but please specify what happened which made long distance caravans missions impossible. Was it the sheer number of enemy raiders? The quality of enemy raiders? Or related to lack of supplies?

    Avatar photoJohnsmith24601

    The new update made it impossible to run from potential enemies…More often than not you die with the caravan after fighting the 4th or 5th group of bandits/undeads/direwolfs lol

    Edit: Plus no chance to resupply on the road

    Avatar photomrbunnyban

    The new update made it impossible to run from potential enemies…More often than not you die with the caravan after fighting the 4th or 5th group of bandits/undeads/direwolfs lol

    Edit: Plus no chance to resupply on the road

    Excellent, I think that is descriptive enough. 5 groups without rest sounds really rough.

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    They could Improve on this with food and supplies being supplied within the terms of your contract (none of your supplies get used)

    improved medic within the caravan and group

    I would want a large amount of cash for 4 or 5 bandit groups shame it doesn’t pay per head

    ( i ave not actually found a caravan contract yet but this is a good warning against them)

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    I did a caravan conctract, and I have the opposite problem.
    The enemies seems to flee from my caravan (I encountered 5 groups of them, and all fleed, no one attack my caravan…easy money)

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    Found caravans since the third gameday. Fighting with lowvies agains group of raiders. Wiii. On the sixth day a group of orcs wiiiiiiii. And sometime later on day around 16 on a long caravan was saved by a wonder when two remaining raiders ran away while my two basically dead brothers were like wtf why don’t you hit each of us once and we die…

    So yes, as it is now the caravan quest seems to be a hard one by itself. The devs already said that the food will be provided. So far did not encounter multiple battles while on caravan mission. But that definitely is a problem since you can’t chose the pacing to recover from battles.

    Now the new caravan compared to old one is like the old lvl up stat system to the new one. And that is bad. It became a blind rng not knowing when and who will be spawned to attack you (cuz there are definitely spawned in enemies just for you) and who will it attrack from the roaming parties. Earlier we had a choise of when how and to attack at all or just leave, now we have none. And that is a bad rng no doubt about that. It should be either only spawned in troops and free resources while in the mission or it shouldn’t spawn in additional troops. Or if both then the caravan should at least have guards to compensate instead of rags wearing knife/club peasants.

    While the day 3 and 6 encounters were hard but doable and cost me few men each time, the third one was at an unfavoravle moment with fresh recruits not fully recovered group and they obliterated me. Now knowing this I will be more careful to accept a caravan mission. And ofc the not knowing how far the destination is, is also a bad factor. The gold amount it seems depends not only from the distance but the enemy strenght. Going to the next town gave me 110gold with no fight, while going a third of the map 290. That somehow does not feel right.

    But the core of the problem is that this kind of mission just as the werewolf one is by default harder than the rest. A 1 skull one here can be compared to a 2 skull in any other one. On the other hand there are default lighter missions like the 2skull ghoul is easily a 1skull compared to other missions.

    Maybe 3 skulls is not enought, perhaps 5 would be the magic number. So the wolves and caravans could start appear starting 2 or even 3 skulls first while the ghouls should be easily the weakest. And give the game a bit more pacing at the start when almost no missions are aviable. Bound to days. Like at the first 5-8 days you can only find a 1skull missions then 8-15 2skulls etc. Some more game start friendly pacing. That should do the trick and remove the frustration from the very start that can accumulate by new players. I belive this is one of the main reasons why there are so many posts from new players about how hard the game is. Independent on the difficulty. The pacing at the start is the most crucial and should be dragged out a bit. So to say a non scripted tutorial where the players could have few days to see what’s happening without being murdered by lots of things.

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    I just say generally you can leave – withdraw from caravan on a tactic map.

    Avatar photofushida

    Not sure if intended but I found that you can actually click on towns as you pass through them even if you’re part of the caravan. That was you can restock some things en-route.

    Avatar photoMiaphysites

    No one uses feedback v6.0.16 thread! Only Vital thing I can think of is, I wouldn’t know how to abandon my caravan guard duties? Can I press Fail/Decline so I can leave the caravan to its fate?

    Avatar photoKomrad

    I find the caravan contracts pretty reasonable… I’ve done Patrol jobs where i found nothing to kill (or, at least, nothing i COULD kill without too many losses) and came back after 10 or 8 days to get about the same money i spent with theyr paychecks and actually losing money from food (althoght, of course, i’ve had some contracts very profitable), but the Caravans are usually fast, they pay me for the journey, not the combat, the pay is good (unless the fights are just absurd – wich, of course… Could happen) and certain.

    Also, is hard for enemies to attack you unless you are low on men, because you will have at least 5 more men than usual (shit ones, but still…) and if they do… to be honest, i have no problem with using the caravan soldiers as cannon fodder whyle i take shots with my crossbows and bows and my shieldwall waits in the back. Worked well enought so far…

    I think it depends on the moment and on luck.

    If you are short on money, you want to take caravan duties, because it’s safe, fast money, whyle you may want other tipes of missions to earn more money when you already have some in storage.

    In both cases you may find trouble if you find an enemy you can’t escape from, being the caravan the most dangerous, cause you can’t escape so easylly (and not without cancelling the contract in the first place). But i don’t think it’s unreasonable, really…

    Avatar photoscaryned

    I believe you should be allowed to camp as a caravan. If your troops are wounded, you should have the ability to stop the caravan and camp. The caravan would have to stop for you if they want to make it there alive.

    You could even turn it into another contract event where you have to persuade the busy merchant to wait for you.

    Unless you can do that already.


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