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    Hi, i’m making this observation out of experience with the game and i don’t know if this is a fact and would like that cleared up: Is the loot random or is it the itens that the enemy used in battle? I ask because i had a fight with some goblins (or orcs, i don’t remember exactly) and the loot clearly was thematic (orc weapons) but then i had a very hard fight against bandit raiders, lost most of my party, but since they seemed to have amazing armor and military grade weapons, i expected the loot to be very valuable (i thought it would be theyr armor and weapons), but then it was pretty poor (at least for what i was expecting). Some militia spears and stuff. Dont know, but i think if i thought sutch a hard battle i should gain loot acordingly. I hoped to be able to revitalize the party, but instead i was left with little money, a weakened party and not even better armor or weapons with wich to equip my new party (except for the weapons and armor from my own men, of course.

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    If the battle was Hard it actually makes it more likely that you destroyed all the enemy armor in the process. I’ve heard one strategy was Nets and Daggers, and preserve the armor or other loot possibly. Of course as you’ve said yourself, very little is random about the loot of goblins being goblin loot. In fact, you can pick up the loot yourself during the battle, stand over something you killed, pick up the goblin pike or whatever. Highly correlated.

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    There is a portion of the loot that is from the remaining equipment from the battlefield. But not everything that drops on the field becomes loot. There is also a part of the loot that is a treasure or trading goods. Usually some food, coins, tools. You could say you are getting about 15% of the enemy parties goods if you encounter them in the world. Attacking camps give you more and better gold / treasure / misc while the equipment remains what they wore in the fight.

    Any item be that armor or weapon that was destroyed will definitely not be in the loot. But if you manage not to destroy it, there is a chance it appears as loot. It might even depend on the items durability.

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    Thanks. That actually helped, both of you.

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