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    This topic is intended to be an outlet for minor gripes/suggestions for the UI or general ease of play.

    When escorting a caravan I like to attack incoming raiders because I don’t like fighting with the tactically limiting wagon train sitting in the middle of my lines. But when I move to attack the enemy in the over-map unless I’m clicking constantly my band will simply walk past the enemy. I’d like to see a single click set up an intercept order which continually updates the pathing so my troops will automatically intercept or chase an enemy group.

    When your troops deploy, their battle line order seems to be dictated by 2 things; which weapon they have places them in the front or back rank. Kudos, I like this as it’s simple, quick and logical. What I don’t like is that top to bottom, your men seem to be generally arrayed as they were recruited, oldest to newest. I would like to be able to set the deployment from my men before the battle. An easy way to do this would be from the party management screen. Where the 12 brothers are displayed I would like the ability to drag-and-drop the brothers to change their order. This way my chosen battle line would be persistent from battle to battle (excepting forests and enemy initiated contact). It would allow me to more easily inter-space spearmen for a solid spear wall with other troops mixed in or to use any number of other general strategies.


    Love the hard work you guys put into the game.

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    Both escort and intercept feature is nice. But I’ve been thinking about the one-click-pursuit system. Since our unit is slighter faster than all other units in world map, I suggest that homing pursuit against enemy should have slightly slower travel speed (maybe 80%?) compared to manual click. Otherwise…. we will never lose sight of any target we saw. Also, does it make sense if you can predict where enemy is going/heading? For this reason, I wish homing pursuit against enemy has a travel speed penalty.

    Brother A: Damn! After all day long pursuit, they just vanished in the woods…… X!#!#@&$#%
    Brother B: *sigh* Forget it. It is pitch black now. I’ll head back for some drinks.
    Brother C: Me too. I’m beat. Well, I hope you can find their hideout.
    Brother D: We’ll be waiting for your good news at the usual bar in town *smirk*
    Brother A: ……………… *manly tears are shed*

    Scenario like this could be nice too, isn’t it? :D

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    Both were discussed already multiple times. There will be a day when the battle arrangement is implemented, and maybe the homing click.

    At this moment, all units on the map have multiple range zones. Like the sight, following, supporting. When you are close enought to the enemy you enter combat with all friendly units that have you inside their support range.

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    The homing click is really important, as it’s just very counter-intuitive to have your band head for the enemy and then charge right through them like it’s an incorporeal joust, while the enemy moves on engage the caravan… It just doesn’t feel good, and I don’t know what problems a change would bring. I feel it’s comparable to the auto-route finding, your band sticking to the roads on longer journeys, which was introduced lately and hasn’t caused any problems so far, just created more convenience.

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    Yes I do agree with that, and it would be the right thing without a doubt.

    As for now just imagine a 1-2cm circle around your unit, that is your attack range and by clicking the enemy inside it the attack will start on your terms wall to wall, while if they attack usually the caravan will be mid and you to the side.

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