Topic: Morale Checks for People Repelled by Spear wall

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    Why do your brothers receive morale checks if the enemy is pushed backed by someone using spear wall. I get the whole brothers going out and just taking out 5 enemies solo is a little unbalanced, so the morale checks are needed, but your brothers starting to flee from people just entering their zones of combat over and over is a little obnoxious. It’s gotten my company slightly destroyed a few times now when the brother on the corner just says deuces and kills him without getting hit once and triggers a chain reaction. I mean I should get a morale boost for hitting an enemy away that many times not wiped. right?

    Just seemed a little unfair or unintentional to me. Anyone else have this problem too? It only really happens to me when I’m building up my party during the early game and they’re not strong enough to wipe out the people 1 on 1, so the extra people just kind of overflow into the sides making the corner guys just jump ship for no reason.

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    Agreed. Feels like an unnecessary addition.
    To be frank though, this is the case for the whole system. It does not feel fair. In some cases it feels overpowered because if you have the advantage, you can just snowball the fight.

    Spearwall specific though, I think they should change it to only have the morale check happen when the spearwall gets broken completely.

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