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    Yeah, now that I’m able to play with the faction relations known: this is visibly a problem. Finished a job for a noble house; had 76 reputation. Travel northward to get another job from the same house. It’s a patrol. Do patrol. Get back to castle; fulfill contract. Result? 76 reputation, right where I started.

    Patrols are the worst culprit as far as noble houses are concerned. Most of their other quests seem a lot more direct, fast, and worth the time in gold and reputation. Villages are hard to keep reputation with because they only have ONE hub from which to give you missions, and they’ll only ever have one job for you at a time, after which there’s a period of no available contracts. This is exacerbated by only being allowed to take one job at a time, so if you’re on a patrol mission for a noble house and pass through a village you want to build up, you can’t take their mission at that time.

    So, my suggested changes:

    1) Let us have more than one mission at a time. You can give certain missions deadlines to encourage us to focus on them (like patrols).
    2) Make patrols worth more reputation if they send you traveling long distances.
    3) Please, PLEASE reduce the speed at which reputation degrades.

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    How about the idea of giving +1 or +2 relations with noble house after giving their battle companies help in hard battles?

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    Hey guys,
    in the update last friday we fixed a bug with the relation degration so it should be slower now.
    We furthermore have some changes in the works regarding the impact and distribution of relation gain when fullfilling contracts for settlements and their related noble houeses.
    We’ll update you when we have something final to show!


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    So I did managed to get my rep with one faction up to Allied (100) here is the screenshots of it’s state and region that managed it possible(3 of the faction’s cities could be reached by water). Now I’m going to make a save a see how fast it will degrade back, as I’ll go and farm other rep(as for now I don’t really see any point in having Allied. The only one additional mission I’ve started to get often is of raze type, that I don’t really like as killing some peasants don’t give loot or much XP, and there is still lots of BIG orcish settlements to the east around the road that this nobles use to contact Saltkai with convoy’s)
    UPD: Haven’t seen 2nd page, and wasn’t sure ’bout this so didn’t wrote it at first, but I think I saw gains from doing non-factional missions in faction related cities, but as I can understand Psen’s post it now also takes place.

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