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    Hi first I’d like to say I love the game, I have been playing games of this type for many years and this stands out among them.

    I have a few humble suggestions, forgive me if it has been mentioned before.

    1. I believe the option to camp at night would break the bleakness of map travel. This could help with healing rates, and even if it is only portrayed by artwork of a few hard bitten mercenarys camped around a fire would add flavour to travel.
    Night times could be used to explore the characters more, with small character events, like the existing arguments
    Between character types, hunting, foodstuffs gone bad etc. I think this would compliment the coming inns, and not detract from them. Inns would bring news and social opportunity so, night camps focus on party interaction and events.
    I think random events are key to bring the world alive more, and the effects these events have on the party characters would be of great intrest to the players.

    And of course random night encounters – groups should have the ability to nominate sentrys at night that do not benefit from the ‘downtime bonus’ these sentrys would be armed and ready for any encounters, unlike their companions who would have no weapons drawn etc and may be prone for a round or more. Night time encounters could consist of wolves, bandits, lone bear, or just events!

    Avatar photoMarsh The Muddy

    You can actually camp…
    Just check this Dev Blog:
    I don’t know about the events, but I think what we have available now is enough…

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