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    What is really missing is relative positioning when you are assisting in the battles. It should really matter where you come from, If you come from behind you should encounter enemies first.

    Avatar photoSky

    Was thinking about it too, you could easily start in flanking positions. But this is probably not an easy task to implement. Maybe if you join in an npc battle you could chose the spawn point yourself in a small window since you can get ready and positioned while they fighting it out.

    Avatar photoOldGreyBeard

    I like this idea. No matter which direction you approach from, you always start in the southwest corner, and behind the defenders. Military history is rife with examples of where the “day is saved” by the surprise flank/rear attack by unexpected allies. Maybe it’s not doable, but it would be sweet.

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    Pre-battle positioning is being worked on atm. I figure picking starting location while joining existing battle would fall under that mechanic once it exists.

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