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    Yikes… I have been playing the game for a while (awesome stuff!), but was always puzzled by the yellow ‘Leveled Up’ icon on the character’s thumbnails.

    Initially, I thought it meant ‘This character is ready to level up’, yet when I checked the Perks section, nothing was accessable (not enough points). So, for a while, I thought it was more of a ‘This guy RECENTLY leveled up’… which didn’t make sense, but I happily went on.

    Exploring the tool tips closer, I noted it still said I COULD level up… so, again, I was confused (…See a pattern here?)… but this time, I noted the mention of upgrading my skills. AH! Okay!…

    Problem is, I couldn’t figure out how to access that screen. The skills display showed no indication of available upgrading, and clicking on it did nothing.

    Only just now did I finally discover that it is accessed by clicking on the display of the character’s current level. Not entirely obvious, I have to say!… Especially when the Perks screen has its own access button. So, you might want to make it a bit more obvious (especially since the tutorials don’t mention it, nor does the tool tip for the level display itself).

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    Was pretty obvious to me. But I do agree with you there should be more clear prompts about the 2 different places for lvl up since usually all other games do that in one lvl up window.

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    Why not a Pop up of the characteristics as soon as you get on the lvling character after the fight?

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    Lets not get distracted, didn’t find the quest scroll for 30 minutes. Then, maybe how to level. Don’t make them level all at once, unless we can still see the party stats as well as the character stats to know how he fits in. They could make it a flashing yellow arrow instead of a yellow arrow. Hey stupid you forgetting something.

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