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    Avatar photolaViper

    I want to ask why shields disappear after they are broken by “split shield” ability.
    It’s a bit annoying and unfair cause you don’t lose your another equipment like armor or helm if it totaly broken during battle. So for common shields may be it’s ok, but for crafted and of course named it’s really strange. Gather a lot of rare trophies or finally find a named shield – but on next battle vs common orc warrior you will lose your elite item.

    What do you think about it?

    Avatar photoTsai the Fabled

    For more common, ‘run of the mill’ shields I think the system works. Though I agree with you in regards to the famed and crafted items, like the Schrat shield and so forth. Working so hard to secure that famed shield, possibly losing a brother in the process should net you something you can keep in the long run. And it does suck for that shield worth a brother’s life to be destroyed in the next city defense after waves of orcs.

    Avatar photoIoci

    Hi there, this is my thought posted in the Suggestion subforum here: Ironman destroy helmet/armor as well
    I think if move “losing broken shield” to be an option only for Ironman mode could be a solution. Losing a named shield against hedgeknight always annoys me, since the helmet and armor could still be preserved and restored as long as the wearer survives the battle.

    Avatar photoForceEcho

    So the blacksmith follower will stop shields being lost. Confirmed in latest blog post ! Huzzahhh

    "A plethora of peasents"

    Avatar photolaViper

    Good news! So I will have a bit work to revert part of my mod back :)

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