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    I remembered that one dev blog showed images of hauberks that had the color of all the noble houses (link: )
    So, I wanted to try to get one… I was sure that it was possible because I was able to get a decorated full helmet from knights before…
    I murdered a footmen veteran and a bearer with knives and got two hauberks from them, only… They were hauberks that had no tabard on them…
    So, I ask you… Is there any way to get one of the noble houses hauberks?

    Avatar photoMarsh The Muddy

    Also, another question related to noble houses: Has anyone came across the noble house that has the colors red and blue and the symbol of two towers or am I just THAT unlucky… I have never had that faction spawn on the worldmap…

    Avatar photoUsikava

    There is no tabarded hauberks in inventory game files(there is helmets and shields though) so I doubt you can get one now. But there is blue and red towered faction items present. Helmet looks funny, rly funny with this castle above head. =)))

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