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    Avatar photoladlon

    Are the red numbers on supply thumbnails (ex. food) indicating a warning about the amount or the freshness? Or, either?

    Avatar photoMeeky

    If you’re talking about when you have, say, Mushrooms in your inventory and there’s 25 of them but the number is red… That means, yes, that the mushrooms are going to spoil soon. They’ll be the first thing to be eaten because of that (unless you have multiple foods about to spoil).

    You can also hover your mouse over the food and see how many days it’ll take before it spoils.

    If I’m wrong, could you post a screen shot?

    Avatar photoladlon

    Hi, Meeky. Ya, I have some food, and it’s both limited in number (5 left) as well as expiring in a day… and I wasn’t sure if it was both or one of those factors that caused the red number.

    I would assume it was just a spoil warning, since the amount is visible, making a ‘low supply’ warning a bit redundant.

    Looking at it again, I see that it is the freshness. I was confused, since another food item was white, but the tooltip (indicating when it would spoil) had the number in red, even though it was five days. The red ‘warning’ is on the thumbnail, whereas the display of the spoil date (on the tool tip) is ALWAYS red. My bad…

    Avatar photoMiaphysites

    You’re still posting ideas at 1 hour 30 minutes mark , so , I just have to ask, have you considered compressing all these 10 ideas into 1 thread with the Edit button, rebrand it the ladlon Ideas thread?

    Avatar photoladlon

    I could certainly do that. I thought it would be preferred to do them separate, being separate items (also for searches).

    Whatever you guys prefer…

    Avatar photoMiaphysites

    Well I’ll tell you this it sure isn’t Google Conversations, although, deleting all your posts at a touch of a button would be tempting …
    Ya I think if maybe you just copy paste it all into notepad, put it all into the one you like the most, delete the others, more people, including me, would feel like being on that more permanent, grounded, unlikely to be deleted thread.

    Avatar photoSky

    Unfortunately that is already out of his hands. This will stay like this forever. But for the future, it is better and more easy to find when everything is in one post.

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