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    Okay, so I have good Renown (3000+) and Retputation “Notorious” and I keep getting contracts to drive off bandits, kill orcs, goblins and deliver cargo, but, If I’m not mistaken, there are contracts where we can raid peaceful villages and attack other factions, right?
    Because, until now (I’m way past 110 days), I didn’t see any of these contracts.
    And another doubt, how can I effectively change my reputation? I keep choosing the attitudes that would make me a bad merc company, but I didn’t have any effective change in my reputation, apart from Neutral –> Notorious. Can I get a reputation akin to Bloodthisrty Merc Band or something like that?

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    Currently, missions to burn down parts of settlements are not assigned as part of evil/good alignment, only noble house trust level. If a noble house is at least Open (might be friendly, not sure which) with you, they may ask you to attack a neutral settlement to help induce said settlement to join their faction.

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    Ok, thx!

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