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    Short Review

    I bought the game at Monday :). First of all, in my oppinion, the game is awesome and got a great potential. I like the artstyle and the idear behind the game. The game feels like a mix of elements from Mount & Blade, X-Com and Heroes of Might an Magic. Of course it still needs a lot of content to stand for it’s own but for an early Alpha it’s working quite well at the moment. Now i will gather some of my idears for the future and maybe the developers find some idears quite nice :).

    I like the the diffrent terrains (swamp, snow and so on). The randomly generated world should tell it’s own story. I saw that some kind of indoor doungens are planned, what i really like.

    – Adding some kind of Ocean with Oceantowns beaches shipping (maybe even fights on ship decs) and so on.
    – Adding an Underworld/Cavesystems with some entrances by the Mountains (a bit like in Heroes of Might & Magic 3)
    – Adding a lot more places and things to discouver, not evry place in the world needs to be a fighting place or town.

    Towns are quite funcional at the moment. You can’t do much there, getting contracts, hire mercenarys and buying and selling. Maybe there should be more to do.

    – A brothel and a tavern to boost up the moral of your mercanarys for money but maybe you can get some truble in there too or some kind of quests.
    – Adding a graveyard, were you can take a view over your fallen heroes.
    – Adding religion and curches would be quite intresting
    – Adding some random guilds, that are searching for mercanarys.
    – Maybe some Tournaments where you can get a price

    Mercanary management
    The main point of the game is your founded mercanary group. So you are some kind of company. This point should be upgraded.

    – Getting the possebillity to buy a base were you can lay down equipment, meeting some questgivers and so on
    – Upgrade your base with several things (a bit like X-Com)
    – Your base can be attacked so you have to hire guards, build up a defense

    RPG elements
    I like the idear of the backgroundstorys from you mercanarys. Giving them a own story with own personal quests or problems would raise the feeling for them and would make the permadeath even more cruel than it is :). Maybe some of them got a family that they like to visit or some are hunted by somebody from thier past life, some are in trouble with people that have given depts for them and you can pay or fight them free. Some are in love and so on. An individual randomly development of the personality of you mercanarys would be awesome. Maybe the storytelling progresses, when they level up.

    Also I think some kind of “non combat skills” for the strategic map like healing, engineering(for siges), traveling faster, trading skill, scouting and so on should be added to your mercanarys.

    Maybe you can get to places, were you need some kind of skills to avoid a fight/hard fight or even to get entrance like sneaking or athletics to climb up somewere. And maybe you have to roll a dice and if it fails, it can cause injuries or even death. A text sceen before battles were the place and evrything that you can see is described maybe with some painting (a bit like in pillars of eternity) and options in wich kind you like to act would be awesome too.


    Actually i got not so much idears for the factions. But there should be several human faction which are fighting in wars against each other and of course as a mercanary you can be hired for this wars. I think there should be added some kind of siegebattles too.

    That are my idears for so far. Keep up the good work and pls add a lot of content to make this game as epic as it could be. And take the time that is needed for that.

    Greetings MCValli

    Avatar photoAnonymous

    Base building wont be a thing, Battle Brothers is a mercenary sim of sorts, a company of mercenaries…. of the traveling variety

    Avatar photoStareye

    Base building wont be a thing, Battle Brothers is a mercenary sim of sorts, a company of mercenaries…. of the traveling variety

    Ye your probably right, we can go perhabs for the middle in that case.
    Instead of owning your own base you can send your spare troops in “vaction”, by leaving them in a town, you are going to pay half wages in that case and if the town/village gets attacked your guys will also so make sure to find a safe place and to keep it clean aswell.
    Some sort of bank is also a possible option , but i rather say no to it as it looks like you can carry all the stuff with yourself there’s no real disadvantage there, if you die there’s no use anyways in the stuff you carried with you ;)

    Avatar photoKagemusha

    Yeah. A fixed base doesn’t fit with the roving mercenary company idea.

    Although I think much of the base idea might feed into the camp followers that you will be able to hire.
    A mechanic that allows some sort of ‘upgrading’ and RPG management of your travelling camp would be nice to see.
    Hiring a better blacksmith or improving the blacksmiths wagon so they are able to repair equipment quicker or improve equipment; that sort of thing.

    Avatar photoBuce

    I like the idea of camp followers, you can buy them in different places, towns, villiges, etc.

    There should be:
    1. blacksmiths:
    1a. blacksmith apprentice (quicker repair)
    1b. handyman (cheaper repair)
    1c. blacksmith master (better quality (or value))
    2. suppliers:
    2a. wagon master (more space for items)
    2b. equerry (quicker road movement)
    2c. cook (food lasts longer)
    3. healers:
    3a. field medic (wound after battle is lower)
    3b. nurse (quicker healing)
    3c. surgeon (there is little chance to rescue dead battle brother)
    złota rączka
    4. other camp followers
    4a. looter (loot are less damage)
    4b. daughter of Corinth (morale bonus)
    4c. dog (he can detect enemy from longer distance)

    Avatar photoHudson369

    Is there the possible idea of cavalry?
    Like as in some of your brothers you can mount on horses and say they move a lot faster on flat ground and give like a height bonus but in forest or marsh a reduced movement and such.
    And is the size of 12 a set size or will this be able to be increased eventually or in game by upgrades

    Avatar photoBuce

    Few new skills:

    Guard Break (Offence Skill, Tier 1-2): remove all defence maneuvers like: riposte, spearwall, shieldwall

    First-Aid (Utility Skill, Tier 2-3): remove bleeding and regain 20% HP after spending all AP from healer and target (target must be 1 hex close to him) <once per battle? or resurrecting dead battle brother with 1 HP?>

    Bodyguard (Defence Skill, Tier 2-3): take hit instead of other (target must be 1 hex close to him) battle brother

    Avatar photoSky

    Do agree with the first poster, those are nice ideas mostly tho not sure if all are needed.

    -Like the underworld. Don’t see how it fits. Caves yes it’s fine, but a whole underworld seems far too fantasy.

    -Some kind of a memorial should definetely exist with the fallen brothers small history. Perhaps a book of remembering.
    -The religion thing is questionable. If the only purpose were to lift the curses, it’s useless. Blessing would be a bit too fantasylike again. And would become a chore thing where you get the buff every time it wores off.
    -The base thing, well if Overhype wants it then so shall it be, if not I’m sure won’t miss it much. It definitely opens up a lot of possibilities and not less problems. The simple solution (if there are no plans for capturing settlements like M&B) could be a possibility of temporary camp. Where your band instead of just standing on the map, makes a small camp with basic defensive structures if attacked, maybe partially with wooden walls or baricades. This temporary camp would boost up the healing, repairing, slow down the food consumption, and very maybe give a small well rested bonus. Again a simple but useful mechanic, the crafting could be tied here aswell.
    -About the individuality already wrote somewhere, agreeing on it.
    -Not so sure about non combat skills. There will be non combat followers already, they should do just fine there is no need to overcomplicate things.

    It will be if I understood correctly. So there will be a reputation system probably. And that is great. It can be used to punish for failed or dropped jobs. Noone likes it when you just walk away from responsibility or take on something unable to deliver. And it will open a lot other possibilities but perhaps it is a bit too soon to go into that.

    Now this is what I can not understand. Why can you take only one job at a time. It’s fine that you can’t take two caravan missions. But what hinders you to deliver a message while escorting a caravan? Perhaps even having a fort mission aswell. There should be limits but not one at a time for sure. Maybe one of a kind. You can make the players chose to have one mission or more, by making the delivery and fort ones times. Like for example you are at day 1. And the message mission gives you 2 days to deliver, so when you hit day 3 it will autofail. With reputation it will even give negative. This way you do not force the only one mission at a time, but still make it hard to do and involve some planning ahead. You can even add some random encounters to some jobs that would give more money and reputation but you would have to fight some opponents on the way. Making the player be careful and chose the route wisely. These ambushes can even be scripted events that you can not dodge. When someone wants to intercept a caravan they will do it for sure, it is not hard once you know the route…

    Combine this with my suggestion about jobs that makes you fight on the side of the guards against a threat and you get a lot of content more or less easily. The world will suddenly get lot busier and more dangerous. Your mistakes will have other consiquences than just losing sellswords. The players will be more leaderlike instead of simple gun ho attack everything you see, take all jobs you can, plunder every fort there is.

    -Food could be a bit more expensive, so the healing supplies and ammo.
    -There should be a way to get rid of excessive money lategame, with reputation you culd literally buy it for example, with player controlled settlements aswell. Maybe a legendary hero could come sometimes who costs insane amount of money.
    -Some gossip like system would help a lot, to sometimes discover enemy forts instead of wandering around and following enemy armies in hope to find the beast lair.
    -The npc bands should definitely more involved and have more patrols.
    -Maybe add some mechanics for villages to grow and for humans to make new settlements roads and outposts. Could be ties to a lot of jobs and events.

    Avatar photoSky

    Few new skills:

    Guard Break (Offence Skill, Tier 1-2): remove all defence maneuvers like: riposte, spearwall, shieldwall

    You break all those with shield bash, stun, hook. Maybe something else. But could work as an universal skill for any equip setup.

    First-Aid (Utility Skill, Tier 2-3): remove bleeding and regain 20% HP after spending all AP from healer and target (target must be 1 hex close to him) <once per battle? or resurrecting dead battle brother with 1 HP?>

    Resurrection is too much, stoping bleed and maybe other debuffs could work not sure about heal it seems too gamebreaking. You do not regenerate any health when a bandage is placed on you. It is a spoil of the usual fantasy rpg like games.

    Bodyguard (Defence Skill, Tier 2-3): take hit instead of other (target must be 1 hex close to him) battle brother

    You can use “rotate” skill to get the guy out or “footwork” to zoning out. Would be way too easy to get 2 heavys standing behind a 2h attacker and just soaking in all the damage while the 2h guy destroys all.

    Avatar photoSky

    A post from the dual wield part.

    Regarding Orcs with two weapons….take a look at the blog background/keyvisual hehe.
    We’ll see. Im less hesitant to allow dual wielding fo Orc bersercs as it would be more fitting for their “over the edge crazy” style.

    Now, it would be great to see things like this. You could add some bandit and village people who would throw a javelin while closing in, even shot a xbow. It is a valid tactic for players, npc-s could use it too. Even if it is only at the start of the raund and only one barrage, it would still be awesome. When destroying enemy shields they could grab a spare one aswell. Maybe give them some skills like the rotation so they can save their comrades, maybe taunt that would force your guys to attack the skill user. Even enemy specific buffs or skills like the orcs charge and the leaders roar.

    The orcs have some nice weapons, the skeletons have shields tho only visual difference, some more of this kind of individuality goes a long way. Perhaps some simple color skins that only some bandits have, shields in colol unaviable to players on leader units. Maybe a bit more a little modified items that have same stats but have minor visual changes.

    Avatar photoPsenBattle

    We are discussing some changes to the skeletons right now. They were some of the first enemies we ever created, so they look a bit lackluster compared to the newer enemies like Orcs. By the way, the javelins were originally created as orc weapons, but we found they werent very useful because of the orc charge mechanic.

    If you want more ranged enemies, just wait for the Goblins to enter the scene :)


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    Avatar photoBorcha

    How does a higher level cap sound?
    Maybe after lv10 you would stop gaining perks and gain less attributes.
    Or gain a perk every 2nd lvl?
    I think it would increase the longevity of the game, even though the mercenaries can be very strong at lv10.

    Avatar photoPsenBattle

    We are tweaking the experience curve right now to make it more difficult to reach max Level. We’ll see how we take it from there.

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    i would like to see a blacksmith in the city and/or castle where you could request armor or weapons to be made for you.

    maybe make it take 2-3 day to make and alot more exspensive then the shops so you’ll have to pay op front at 5-6 times the price of the requestet item and wait a couple of days to get it.

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