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    First of all I’d just like to say how much I love this game! And I’m so excited for all the cool things–I’m sure–are in store as it gets developed further. I just had a few ease of life ideas that I thought would add to my own personal enjoyment of the game, and hopefully others’ enjoyment as well! My apologies if these have already been brought up, or are currently in the works!

    1) Speed up/Slow down time on the world map – I’ve just noticed that exploring the map sometime tends to get a little boring, especially on courier/escort missions all the way across the map. Of course, this might not be an issue as more content gets added and there are more events happening on a regular basis, but it’s food for thought at least.

    2) Being able to accept more than 1 quest at a time – dropping off a package at a town on the path of your escort mission, or wiping out an orc encampment as you’re searching for some hidden ruins… these just seem like the kind of efficiency strategies that a real penny pinching mercenary band might employ. Of course, you’d probably have to take out some of the quest redundancy that exists now–or maybe it’s a good idea to be able to deliver three packages to the same city at once… not sure yet.

    3) Quest indicator arrow – Just a little something that points to quest locations when they’re off screen. Not super necessary, but it would be a nice little quality of life thing.

    Again, just wanted to say how great this game is! Keep up the awesome work!

    Avatar photoSky

    No quest indicators please, that would ruin everything. All the info needed is all over the quests.

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