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    When I started my second company with the new update I named it The Red Company (because I chose a red banner and I am creative), and it wasn’t until after I started the tutorial quest line that I kicked myself for it. I remembered that there was at least one event where the name of the company is written after the word “the” and I realized that for me it would read “the The Red Company”.

    “Oh no,” I thought, “what have I done? Now I’m going to fixate on that silly little grammatical misstep and feel like a fool!”

    Only it didn’t happen. When the event dialogue came it dropped the “the” from the company name and all was well. That isn’t something that computers do on their own, one of you gentlemen thought of that and preempted my mistake. I thought that was clever, and just wanted to let you know that.

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    What happens, if you name your company just “The”?

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    Hehe, nice that you noticed :)

    What happens, if you name your company just “The”?

    Try it out and let us know :)

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    What happens, if you name your company just “The”?

    People start mistaking your mercenaries for an English ‘new wave’ rock band….

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