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    Avatar photoRahziel

    Would be nice to see percentage or real durability numbers of currently equipped weapon in this tooltip, so that we don’t have to open character screen to check it every time in there.

    tactical tooltip

    how does the logic of this notice works? Is it decided by percentage (let’s say, equal or less than 35%) or durability (less than 10, maybe)?

    Because these two examples suggest the latter:

    – Reinforced Flail – durability 8/20 – 40% – icon appeared.
    Reinforced Flail

    – Morning Star – durability 14/36 – 38% – no icon.
    Morning Star

    Avatar photoSky

    I do remember there were discussions about this and the percentage that should be displayed how it was counted etc, tho no idea how it all ended. I’d realy like to see all the equipment percents when it’s low durability both in % and in exact durability number. That is definitely a needed good info that the game should deliver.

    Avatar photoMiaphysites

    Now its technically interesting but, I hadn’t had a problem with it, is it my low difficulty level? Always stocked on repair tools? If something is 500 durability at 30% I don’t want a warning. ? We don’t even have an adequate starving warning yet! I just repeated what some other guys have said out here, all the sudden, hey oops im out of food, people are leaving.

    Avatar photoRahziel

    It’s not a problem of repair tools, but a possibility to break one or several fully repaired weapons in a stretch of one battle, which happens sometimes in prolonged battles, such as against undead or orcs, unless you switch it timely with something else.

    And to be aware of this precise timing, currently, you have to look at weapon durability in character screen, which is time-consuming and plain bad.

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