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    Just going to rattle off a few ideas as I’ve played it recently and they occurred to me.

    *Comparing Weapons and Armour – when you mouse over it shows you stats for the weapon but not the one equipped – be nice to see them side by side.
    *Base? Maybe heal quicker etc, could get would/stone/gems/salt whatever to build your own areas as a base for Mercs – maybe training facility. Wolfs Den style.
    *Specialised paths for Mercs through dialogue maybe? Scouts to increase sight range on world map, Blacksmith to help improve armour, Healer to heal etc.
    *At the moment it’s a very steep jump from vagabonds to Orcs etc – not much variation in between so definitely want more different enemies.
    * More rare items. Maybe also potions or dialog options to give permanent increases to stats etc.
    * More interactions with the different factions and more missions.
    * Overwatch – similar to spear wall but like, arrow overwatch etc.

    Otherwise, really solid game so far anyway – but could be so much more! Play JA/JA2 again :)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)