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    Yeah I would like to have something called Roguelike mode or Speedrun moode. Or whatever. A mode wich is intended to be replayed and played in 30 hours average.

    In this mode Renown, Gold, Experience, are gained 2 times as fast. Reputation effects are 2 times as powerful.

    Team size reduced to 10, the Reserve space reduced to 4. And difficulty instead of be scaled by bigger number, is scaled by just having more powerful units in the enemy team.

    And i think the most important part make battle maps 3 times smaller.

    Basically the gameplay should be organized about being about 10 hours of pre noble missions, 10 hours post noble missions, and 10 hours of final crisis.

    I don’t know exactly how it is decided the final crisis to come, but it should come at a SPECIFIC DAY, should you be prepared or not.

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    Based on what I read on RPG forums and im talking with a friend that tried the game on my recomendation. It seems the progress of the game is more than a personal problem.

    I think the first 30 days of the game are great, 30-60 are ok, after day 60 it starts to go downhill and starts to be a lot more boring.

    I see many opinion on why it is, but I tihnk the most basic answer is that the game gets too big.

    When you are having 6-8 guys with 1 or 2 guys in reserve, with each guy having mostly primary weapons and 2 or 3 perks, the game is of decent size.

    But once you have 12 guys with 6-8 on reserve on constant cycle, with most having secondary weapons, wtih items and 6-7 Perks, it’s starts to get annoying to manage, not only outside the battle, but mostly inside the battle.

    The ui doesnt help, I have to be remembering who was the guy with the rotation skill, who brougth the nets, who has the dog, who has the banaids.
    All In massive 12 batles with allies vs 24 enemies, that slowly drags in 45 minute battles. Where I have to be considering the perks, secondary abilities, the stats of each of my 12 guys that I don’t remember well because they are part of a 18-20 guy batallion.

    It all adds up to too much and stops being fun, and feeling like work.

    If there is intention/will to discuss solutions, I could try to bring some ideas, but so far that is my experience, I’m on day 85 now, crisis didn’t even start yet, and I don’t feel like continuing, however I feel it would be interesting to start over to enjoy the early game but when i realize there is no fun ENDPOINT, I think it’s gonna be enough for me until something changes.
    I think there are great mechanics and system in place for a great experience from start to finish. But right now while the start is amazing, the experience starts to downgrade, I think It’s one of the problems of starting to design an experience is that is so long in a single run.

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    But I can see from the pov that this is not a rouglike that even if i plan to retire on the end of the first lategame crisis. The game is still a little too big for me. Maybe I should retire not at the end of the lategame crisis, but when it starts, maybe my company will go “oh crap, things going to hell, time to retire”

    I really enjoyed the first 60-80 days, but the game is starting to slow and get dense. Fights of 30/40 units are not fun again and again, thanks to the big battle map, and turn based system. That is the beauty of a system, like the ones Master of orion or Heroes of might and magic. You never have more than 12/14 units in the battlefield, and they all start on the face of each other. Having to play this massive battles again and again, becomes very dense very fast. I think a lot of the mechanics of the game are great, but the game should be a little faster, shorter and smaller for my taste. I hope in the future there is a mod/expansion/sequel which accomplishes that.

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    I can’t see the stages of the game as you, because the devs designed the game for it to soft end after the first crisis , so after the first crisis i plan to retire, and that’s how i see it as rougelike. I really hope the game do not last more than 150 days, I think i plan to retire after 150 days, no matter what.

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    You can’t see it on caravan contracts, you can’t see it on many camps attacks, and sometimes even if you can see it, you still are forced to fight, but can later flee.

    Reasonable predict is not enough, i’ve tried but sometimes the prediction is wrong, and i flee. It’s ok if your standard composition works, It doesn’t work for me, As I said i did 10 runs before with early deaths it was only until i started fleeing constantly and Having Target specific equipment that i started to doing great, right now on day 82 with 5k+ gold and a full level equipped team and 4 reserves.

    Clearly the tactic work, maybe there are others, but surviving in expert ironman is already hard enough, i don’t need to handicap myself by trying to find midgame a strategy that just happens to not be as annoying. If one of the few reliable strategies work, it’s expected me to use it, we don’t even have the claim “Well it works on Expert, but what about megaexpert? you are handicapping your way by using such strategy” No there isn’t.

    My point is, there is clearly a very good strategy to do well in expert ironman, and it happens to be terrible annoying. The great value I see in the game is that you can try your hardest to survive, and still be a challenge. Part of trying my hardest is to flee, something even encouraged by the tips. It just happens to be terrible annoying to do.

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    What video did you see about trading? link?

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