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    Looks like the image upload failed or didn’t finish?

    Separately, since I’m here and have the opportunity, I just wanted to say thanks for sharing so much of your process and design decisions with us, in this thread and elsewhere. I’ve really learned a lot, and it’s helped me better analyze and appreciate both bbros and other games.

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    Hey Shkimmilk,
    these look pretty awesome!
    No problem, here’s the original asset:


    thanks so much! really admire the artstyle in this game

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    Hi Paul, I found this wonderful image of building in your assets – can you tell me what did you plan about this or will you want to use it in future?

    Avatar photoIoci

    Oh my! is that a horse?!

    Avatar photojuanval

    Hello Psen.

    I’d like to ask you, in case there is a new DLC, if you could create a standar tower shield 20 fatigue 25 ranged defense and 20 melee defense avaiable in shops.

    I’m now at 700 hours of gameplay on steam jeje

    Avatar photojuanval

    I’ve seen in the nexus, that Legends mod has a beautiful set of towershields ;) I’ll play this mod in the future for sure.

    Avatar photojuanval

    Hello Paul and the rest of devs. More than 5 years ago I came to this great forum thread to enjoy all of your art.

    At this moment I’ve have 720 hours played BattleBrothers on steam (an entire month!!!).

    Many thanks to the team for creating such a wonderful game and I hope to see, if possible, more projects and art from you.

    Avatar photoPsenBattle

    Hey Juanval, thanks for the kind words.
    We’ve been submerged for quite a while now and we still need a little more time until we can surface again, but I am sure it will be worth the wait!



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    Avatar photoRusBear

    Same here. 6 men made for tactical games more then AAA companies for 10 years. Your fan for all times…Even if next project will be with elfs, magic and legs!

    Avatar photokem

    Hello Paul, its been a while but… May you take a look at a famed barbarian 2h axe model?
    I think it sits way too far away from figurine, mb shaft is too long or combination of a long shaft and bàtterfly/clover shaped blade makes it look odd..
    It looks odd: longer than a poleaxe, blade detached too far from the figurine to be a non-reach weapon.
    Maybe move the blade closer to figurine and cut a bit from shaft?

    Avatar photovarhagen

    warriors of the north had a good idea but mediocre implementation. The barbarian faction added interesting gameplay, but it turned out to be grotesque. it didn’t really fit into the overall visual style. The visual style is very important when there is no familiar graphics and animations. I suggest to return to the maximum realism on which the game was based. P.S You are a really cool team that made one of the best tactical games. I am very glad to see the increased interest in the game in Steam, many likes and comments. I hope the game will develop further. THANKS You.

    Avatar photojuanval

    Warriors of the nord DLC was great in my opinion. With new enemies and with their own battle tactics. I liked too the new northern dogs and the armored unholds. Barbarians are an interesting enemy to battle.

    Avatar photovarhagen

    I agree that this is an very interesting opponent. I only noted the visual component, not the gameplay.

    Avatar photosmidge

    Last artwork is awesome, can’t wait to see the new opponents and stuff ! Your art get better and better! I think persian/arabian culture and architecture fit just fine with the current atmosphere of the game.

    Avatar photojuanval

    First of all good luck to devs with Switch release. I’m sure it will be a success.

    I wanted to talk about Legends mod for BB. I entered in their discord channel and it looks great, with nice new art, weapons, enemies, perks, mechanics, etc. For example, layered armor with lots of combinations seems a great idea:

    I haven’t played Legends yet, but people here in the forums, and you devs, should enter on discord and enjoy what fans are creating ;)

    Furthermore, if you Paul have something of art you’re very excited to show to us, we don’t have any problem to take a look at it :D

    Long life to Battle Brothers!!!

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