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    When I think of Scandinavian or Germanic elves, the impression is more of a goblin-like creature.

    The orcs could be seen as a type of Troll, is there any sort of word for a troll-like creature that would work?

    In scandinavia we have several words for dark mystical elves and goblins. In Norway the general term for all this type of creatures is underjordisk, directly translated to “undereartly”. Most of them can be adressed as vette, tuss, bokk, skrömt, or even as alv/dverg (elf/dwarf).

    It is also common to use mörk or svart (dark/black) as a prefix to clarify that these are not the good kind of mythical beasts. Another logical prefix would be the area where they are encountered. Skog (forest), fjell (mountain), haug (hill) would all be natural.

    With a bit of licentia poetica, we can end up with names like Svaartbokk, Mörkwette, Haugtusser, Skogskrömt, Mörkhaugbokk, Svaartalv, Skogdvergskrömt, etc.

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    Paul an idea intended for you here…. I love the bigger maps, but sometimes have explored every corner and even know where the same re-spawns of goblin hideouts will be… I would love the opportunity to get on a boat in port and go to a whole new, newly generated continent to start over with my experienced mercenary band.

    That does not seem like hard coding…. what might be hard is keeping the old continent as is. What do you think?

    Or maybe a expanding map? It is possible to let the game world just expand as you move closer to the edge of the map. I posted a suggestion like this in another thread


    Is it possible to have a expanding procedural generated map in this game? I think it would really help making the game world more interesting. I really like exploring the small unknown territories in the borders of the current maps, and I would really like to have the possibility to lead my Battle Brothers on longer expeditions into the unknown wilderness.

    So here is the suggestion:
    The game starts in the “centre” of the world, where cities and villages are common and not far between, just like it is on the current maps. You don’t have to travel far to get so the next place, and you will never be many days away from the next market where you can resupply.

    As your travels and exploring takes you further and further away from the “centre” of the map (your starting point) villages and cities will become fewer and farther between. This will make exploring more hazardous the further you go, as you risk running out of food and the possibility to reinforce your company. Also, that way the size of the game world will limit itself even without a defined map edge.

    It could be an idea to have most undiscovered villages spread randomly, but with a higher chance to appear near a castle or city. That way you will get the occasional hub of civilization centered around a city/castle. Some of these hubs could even be visible on the map as you start, but still far enough away from the starting point that you have to explore a way to get there.

    Tavern rumors would be a obvious place to get information of undiscovered villages/cities/castles on the map. The fishermen sometimes tell tales from the great city in the south. I’ve never been there myself, tho.

    You have probably considered similar ideas yourself, but if not I hope that you would consider this option. I really think it would add another fun dimension to this nice game.

    PS. It could also be fun (and logical) if the hunters and poachers could gather some food for the company. Maybe as a new random event? (If it’s not ingame already?)

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    I have a feeling horses is a thing that have been discussed here a lot, but I can’t find a proper thread about it, so i decided to necro this one. (Nice thread title, btw).

    I got the impression that giving the battle brothers horses to use in combat is out of the question, but how about using horses to move around the world map?

    Horses would make a company move faster on roads and plains, but slower in mountains and swamps.

    The battle brothers could also get a wagon (just like the caravans) and move faster on roads, just tiny bit faster on plains, slower in forests and extremely slow in mountains or swamps. BUT a wagon would increase the amount of stuff the company could haul around. Wagons could be destroyed in combat, just like the caravans. If destroyed, the number of items exeeding the normal inventory amount could be destroyed at random, or the player could be given the chance to choose what he prefer to leave behind.

    Would this be something that could fit the game?

    PS. I also like the idea of mounted AI controlled lords. So +1. :)

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    I am prrrretty sure that a dragon would be exactly 7 tiles and powerful enough to be a real threat even to a full company of level 11 veterans equipped with the best gear they can find. It does probably have some kind of fire attack that will shred your armor and burn your skin too. And maybe he even has a 2 tile reach. Just sayin’ ;)

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    The game world needs to be more interactive, both for those who chose a dark and evil company, and for those who want to play a company of saints.

    What options would you guys like to have when interacting with the different NPCs on the map?

    Peasants: Attack or share food for rumors.
    Militia: Attack or possibility to get mission.
    Trading caravan: Attack or trade. (food/goods)
    Supply caravan: Attack or trade (armor/weapons)

    Any other options?

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    The more expensive rations is more durable than the low cost ones, so they are already more beneficial. That said I absolutely agree that the quality of the food should influence the company. As there is already a morale system in place, this would be the natural place to integrate it.

    Maybe add a value to each type of food in the inventory, low for simple food like grain and fish, and high for luxury food. If the total value of your food is lower than X, then morale penalty occurs. If it is higher than Y, then a morale bonus takes effect.

    Then you could get the similar effect of stocking up on lots of different low grade foods, or spend some money on a few valuable luxury foods. It would also give the option of letting grains, as an example, last long before getting spoiled, even if it’s cheap. It just don’t give much bonus to morale.

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    I kind of both agree and disagree with original poster. Pr. now the company easily gets powerful enough for most of the encounters. More levels would make the company positively overpowered.

    A solution could be to make xp requirement for leveling up exponential. So the first 8-10 levels is fairly easy to reach, just like now, then the subsequent levels will become increasingly harder to reach. That way it will be possible to reach high levels, but those characters will become both rare and valuable. Losing a level 8 character would suck, but loosing a level 15 would really be a tragedy. And that is really cool dimension of the game, to become attached to the characters in your company and follow them as they progress (and die).

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    I guess i joined the forum just a tad bit late to take part in the banner discussion.

    One of the companies I enjoy playing is called “Crowmen”, directly inspired by one of your old banners. The yellow one with five crows on it. The Crowmen currently flags the Widowmaker-banner, but they would love to reunite under a new version of their trusted tattered standard, with their mark, the crow.

    The Crowmen are a ragtag bunch of thieves, beggars, graverobbers and killers on the run. They do not fight for a noble cause, neither for fame nor glory. Crowmen assemble under their banner because they have nowhere else to turn. They fight to survive, for a meager sense of purpose and to belong to some sort of fellowship. They fight because it is the one thing they know how to do fairly well. And like the scavenging birds that follow in their wake, they too find bits and pieces that will feed their stomachs among the dead of the battlefield.

    So. Both me and a bunch of Crowmen hope that the ragged banner of the crow will return one day. Until then they will continue their journeys across the land, looking for spoils of war and any man desperate enough to join their ranks.

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    +1 on fatigue mechanic.

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