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    1. I’ve got to agree with that. Took a mission to Kill Lindwyrms, 2 skulls, 1200 reward. A middle-grade group, levels 6-8. There were 4 wyrms, my men were routed before killing a single one. Maybe double the skulls on that kind of mission.

    2. I fought with the Alps at night, and it was a nice change of pace. Having to keep the men spread out and hunting. Barely made it without losing anyone. Not the kind of fight I prefer, but I thought it was ok.

    3. Disagree completely. Quite nice to have that option, and the cost makes it worthwhile only later on. If you have the money to spam try-out, you would probably have the money to hire 2 or 3 men and dismiss the ones that suck anyway.

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    I’m really happy you decided to make a new DLC, and it was an instabuy for me. Thanks for your hard work.

    I’ve just bought the DLC, and have already found some bugs in the first campaign.

    EDIT: I’m having trouble uploading the log and the save. The site says it can’t upload a .rar or .html file for security reasons, and the .sav is too big. Should I e-mail them to you?

    1) Can’t click on Webknecht party (no pun intended with the title) spawned after the “Beasts Terrorizing x” quest
    The cursor never changes to a sword, it stays a boot, and I can’t click on it, and can’t do the quest.

    2) Can’t zoom in
    When I met the first problem, I tried zooming in to see if that would help, but I noticed that there’s something strange going on. It starts zooming in ok, but suddenly it magnifies too much, and only shows the terrain, no city or parties on the map.

    I don’t know if the two bugs are connected, but they might. I’ll wait for a patch, as I got off to a good start with that save.
    Thanks in advance.

    What version number does it say in the bottom right of the main menu?

    It says Version Both the Lindwurm and the new DLC are activated.

    I’ve tried reinstalling – no luck.

    But I’ve noticed something else: it seems that effect of vanishing everything but the terrain is happening all around the borders of the map. I just happen to be near the top one. It may be a third bug, or it may be related. I followed the enemy until he was away from the edge and I could zoom, but I still couldn’t engage him.

    I’ve cancelled the mission and went away to do other ones. One brought me back to the city, and the party of 5 webknechts still roams around, untouchable by my brothers.

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    A cripple costs 30 bucks. Not really punishing to lose one.

    And i might have sounded a bit harsh, i never throw my men away. Some are just a little more… expendable than others. If i have to lose someone, i don’t hesitate. My casualties aren’t that high, though, specially after having mostly level 4s.

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    1. I kind of agree, the thugs stop showing up a bit too soon. My advice would be to shield up and wise up. Always target the poleweapons users, then the 2handers. Make good use of your poleweapons, they have pretty good damage, and i give them to my most skilled fighters in the beginning. If your frontline is weak, focus on holding the enemy for the backline to punish. Losing someone at the beginning is pretty common, even if you have a good strategy. Sometimes shit happens, the enemy does critical damage… I focus on buying armor at the start, trying to give more durability to my brothers. And SHIELDS, don’t forget the shields. I start using the 2hander, but sparingly – keep him back for a bit, then hit hard before he can be crippled.

    2. Bad luck. I prefer 1-skull quests to raze bases, or to hunt down what is terrorizing a village/town.

    3. You were doing it correctly, it’s good to have a different range of weapons to choose from – different shields too. But against heavy armor, i prefer hammers and axes. I, personally, think maces are a little shitty – not enough armor damage to me, and that was their main function in real life. What i said before, focus on the most dangerous guys – that includes the flailman when you have lousy headgear.

    4. Actually, that might be your biggest problem IMO. I focus on getting a LOT of guys. I even recruit cripples. You know why? Meatshields, cannon fodder – every army needs it. Even if they can’t hit anything, they soak up damage that would be done to your good brothers. The enemy chooses the target he has the biggest chance of hitting. Give them their targets, then make them pay for it. Numerical advantage also helps in surrounding enemies, and you can use the lousy brothers to break their shields, if you have axes to spare. 100% hit change for Split Shield. Abuse it. I try to buy a little bit of gear whenever there is something cheap – damaged sometimes – and i have spare cash. I always begin the upgrades by the armor – weapons i mainly take from the enemy.

    5. RNJesus. You can retreat or try to make the enemy chase you. Combat is unpredictable and punishing in real life, and so it is in Battle Brothers. Have that shitty brothers to attract arrows, bolts and thrown weapons. Accept the losses, they are unavoidable sometimes. I’ve lost many a promising recruit. I always have new recruits, sometimes they succeed, most times they die horribly. Mostly, they are the ones that bite the dust when things go sour. Ah, the fine life of a mercenary! Which combat to avoid? I really hate the damned goblins, and fights against enemies with ranged superiority can be really painful.

    With practice, you will improve, and will stop making some silly mistakes that you end up paying dearly for.
    Best of luck

    in reply to: Things that are so dumb, that makes me sick #21437
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    Mate, he presented good arguments, with videos of historical reenactments – you had some really awful sticks drawn.

    It may be that it happens because english is not your native tongue – but you sound to me like you are trying to be condescending while being completely ignorant of the subject at hand. Just some feedback. Sometimes it seems you are a kid – not that it would be a problem. If you want to argument, at least google a bit, and find some references if you want to crictise something, like the weight of shields. “I don’t think so” is no argument.

    And holding heavy shields and weapons while in the tension of battle, wearing armor? To me, the skills AP cost does make sense. Though they maybe could get a small reduction to be more useful – or less punishing to use.

    When people start talking about Pikes, i just recall some of the drawings that show up when you look Swiss Mercenaries and Landknechts – talk about “Bad War”. Pikes are really scary, and it seems apropriate to me. Pike v Pike fights are bloody and messy as they should be.

    It seems to me the system was kind of built around melee-ranged-pikes and such, and would need a really well thought out plan to be changed. I, particularly, like it as it is – a lot.

    in reply to: My ideas. (Sorry for my English) #20611
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    Wow, I’m really impressed.

    I’ve liked ALL of your ideas, they would bring a lot more clarity to the game and it’s UI.

    I do forget some of my mercs, and I would love to see the stats and traits of the dead ones, to give me more of a chance of remembering who they actually were. Both in the post battle screen, and in the Obituary.

    Great job, mate, I hope they can still act on your ideas before the game is released – I’m sure they would just get better reviews.

    in reply to: New player, lost 6 times "Early Game" scenario #18114
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    Oh, sorry about that, i love the campaign so much i even forgot there were such Scenarios.

    in reply to: New player, lost 6 times "Early Game" scenario #18097
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    Sorry, but your screenshots didn’t help much – i couldn’t even see the ones in the second link.
    It’s not clear how many men – and how well equipped – you have.

    But, by the pictures i could see, you were completely overwhelmed. So, i will try to give general tips for a beginner, and how to deal with the undead.

    1 – Equip all your men with the best armor avaliable, as long as it doesn’t hinder their fatigue too much. Your archers are wearing the worst armor in the game, you must have something better. And don’t let your archers be engaged at melee if you can! Massed Wiedergangers are great targets, you hit even when you miss!

    2 – At the beginning, it’s crucial to estabilish a line of shield-bearing brothers (with spears to make a spearwall too, early on). It doesn’t work against all oponents, but it does against the undead, except… When there’s a necromancer present, you really should rush to kill him, as you’ve surmissed already. Still, you must do it smartly: kill him with your archers if they are any good; use your line to occupy the ‘gangers while you send a competent man to wipe out the necro; blitz with the entire line to make way for someone or to allow the archers a closer shot…

    But that all depends if you simply have the manpower needed for such a task. If you have few and underequipped men, don’t bother, go search for some thugs.

    3 – Besides the necromancer, focus on the polearm-wielding Wiedergangers with your archers, as they will probably do the biggest damage; then focus on the ones with the best weapons (though i’m not sure you can recognize them already).

    4 – The Wiedergangers have low Action Points, and a spearwall may help on holding them off, and then focusing on the ones that make it to the line. Polearm-wielding brothers (pitchforks at the beginning, usually) provide a real good punch with their weapons, they are some of my best killers.

    5 – Don’t advance your line haphazardly over fallen ‘gangers if you haven’t put them down for good – they will disrupt your formation, and may isolate a brother, who will be easily picked off.

    6 – At the beginning, i usually hire a lot of cheap brothers and focus on giving them shields and the 30/35 armors.

    7 – One of the biggest problem facing large numbers of undead is fatigue. Don’t push your men too hard, or they might be too tired when you need just one strike to save a wounded brother.

    8 – Take care of your Companions (the 3 starters), they are amazing. Take care of your archers, it’s hard to get decent skilled ranged fighters.

    9 – Remember that every fallen brother means a new Wiederganger for the enemy – shields up! But controlling the fatigue, of course.

    in reply to: Suggestions/Ideas and Fixes #16124
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    I agree with Nox about the grammar, it seems to be what i would expect from a medieval-age scenario – there were no public schools and complete literacy was not commonplace. And even today, when some people of my country from poor regions speak, it is really hard to understand, with different contractions and errors. I don’t have that difficulty in understanding, but i will pay more attention to see if it’s weird.

    in reply to: Unconscious characters? #16045
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    It makes sense, it shouldn’t be common, but maybe blunt attacks to the head should have a chance of knocking a character out.

    Reading about Warband while playing Battle Brothers in Elite mode, scrapped for cash, makes me miss selling prisoners too, what a nice revenue that was. And a great reason to use maces and such.

    in reply to: Suggestions; Impressions; Compliments #12278
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    Hahaha, point taken. But i do consider it important in linking me with my mercs.

    Yeah, it is in the Skill, but not in the weapon in general. I think it has a 10% chance to hit the head, but ignoring complete or patially the shield bonus would be a lot better.

    in reply to: Suggestions; Impressions; Compliments #12274
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    Pre-selecting the Skills would be neat, but i don’t consider it essential.

    And yeah, your idea for the melee with the throwing weapons may be better, having it as a secondary skills as all weapons have.

    I don’t know if it is only the RNJesus screwing with me, but the Goblin archers drive me mad with their accuracy AND the poison. They ALWAYS hit at least a couple of mercs in the beginning of the battle, usually headshots, forcing me to retreat them if they are to have any chance of surviving.

    Talking about headshots and hits to the head in general, a nice defensive perk would be Keep you Shield Up or Keep Your Head Down, decreasing the chance of taking hits to the head. The already existing Steel Brow is good, but as a 2nd tier one, no chance of my more offensive oriented men having it anytime soon.

    Maybe a good way to improve the Flail could be reducing the difficulty of hitting shield bearing enemies, as the chain allows it bending before hitting, i believe. Not sure about it, but is one of the first thing Wikipedia claims in it’s article.

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