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Ok I have no clue what you folks are doing and how you are bypassing the game mechanics because after playing this pathetic game now for the last 6 hours

I’d say pathetic playing skill shouldn’t be confused with the game itself being pathetic. :)
The game mechanics are very transparent and straight-forward.

Game start can be hard if you were really unlucky with initial guys, but not too hard. If you saw the dev’s Naked Challenge, then you see the first bandit battle can be done naked even, with some skill and some luck. In my 40 hours of gameplay I have really just been playing 2 games. I reroll (restart) the game a couple of times to get the three initial guys that I like (more for looks than for gear), then play the campaign for as long as it goes. First one I lost a month in because of lost saves due to an update, the second one now some two months in is still going strong.

1. Equip your fighters sensibly. Know which one will perform which function.
2. Try to get onto high ground when you defend and employ shieldwall and spearwall functions.
3. Calculate the enemy’s moves when you attack. After they move more than 2 hexes, they usually can’t hit anymore. Intercept them there and you’ll get first strike.
4. Gang up on enemies, try to take one out and all of them will lose morale, which makes them clumsier in their turn.
5. If you feel too weak to face an enemy, get them to follow you and run to the nearest town/castle and the militia or soldiers will help you in battle. If an allied soldier falls, stand over them and pick up their weapon/shield, this way you get to keep it after battle (got some nice kite shields this way in my early game).
6. Know when to be cautious and when to be agressive. That’s what makes a good tactician.