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    Hail, and well met fellow Battle Brothers. I’ve come to this gathering to discuss the savage brutes that encroach on the eastern hinterlands, the dreadful Greenskins. Me and my warband have been fighting unrelenting hordes of orcs for days now, and we’ve had few victories that didn’t come at a heavy cost, and even more devastating defeats. If there is any Brother out there capable of providing some tips or pointers on how to more effectively fight the ravaging hordes, I am all ears.

    TL;DR: I’m really bad at fighting orcs, anyone have some pointers?

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    Greetings friend. The Orcs are indeed a troubling and terrible bunch. From past experience, Spear Walls and Shield Walls have worked well against the Orc charges. The larger Orc warriors are perhaps one of the hardest foes to walk these lands. Overwhelming them with well armoured mercenaries has proven to work for me in the past. Perhaps you should consider focusing your marksman on the troublesome little young orcs, some of them are so weak of mind they forget to wear armour…

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    Until you have a Perfect Focus/Rally Troops killing engine, never fight Orcs unless you outnumber them.

    Once you do though, you can drown the orks in a crimson tide of DPS.

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    High ground if you can.

    Young orcs tend to be quite vulnerable to archery and can be kept at bay with the spearwall somewhat. They also panic and run if you kill several of their buddies, letting you concentrate on the big brutes.

    Orc warriors wear heavy armour, stab thm like a sneaky douchebag with scramasaxes or daggers that go stright for health, ignoring armour and whack them from afar with billhooks.

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    #Bring shields. Grab better one or bring spare.
    #Spear wall can be useful for a moment but only against young ones. Against heavies it will tire you and leave you to exhausted to fight.
    #Try to get higher grounds and flank with two handed swords. Split work great.
    #Bring axes if you want, bigger one for splitting shields fast.
    #Maces have good dmg and work well against armour. Also give enemy fatigue. Tired orc will have less chance to kill you or raise his shield.
    #Did I mention shields? bring a lot of good ones.
    #’Rally the troops is essential’ against older orcs. Get two officers who have it(it get nerfed).
    #Bring spare weapon. Adult orcs have tons of heavy armour. Low level tier weapons break fast.
    #Young one and berserkers can dish some dmg but die easily. Adults can tons of dmg and stay alive forever.
    #Crossbow or experienced archer will help. Veteran archer with spare arrows and with 6 offensive perks can go medieval on orcs from close range.

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    A few tips from me:

    – Use bigger shields (heather or kite), because smaller are easy to be dealt with.
    – Make your arrows kill and wound as many young ones as possible before they close.
    – Crossbows are better against heavily armored veterans and warchiefs.
    – Two-handed weapons (such as an axe or sword) deal more damage and are the best at destroying shields.
    – One-handed battle axe (I took a few from some Fallen Heroes, as well as their kite shields) can destroy young one’s shield in a single hit and deal nice damage.
    – Flail ignore bonus from shields and is decent against armor.
    – War Hammer break through armor easily, it’s arguably the best weapon to break through protection.
    – Wear as heavy armor on yourself as possible.
    – Your two-handers shouldn’t use chainmail type of armor as it won’t last through 2-3 hits. They need something better.
    – Be wary that orcs can push into your battle line to get to your archers or billhooks.

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    Avatar photoTrig

    … can go medieval on orcs from close range.

    Being that the whole game is pretty much medieval, everyone’s going medieval on everyone else’s ass all the time.

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    Thank you for all the advice everyone, I’ll be sure to use it well, and perhaps it will save a few battle brothers in the future from an untimely death..

    About that…

    Whoops, looks like I should’ve done some digging. Thank you for pointing it out to me Sky!

    Avatar photoSky

    You’re welcome, it’s an old topic so no wonder you didn’t see it. One boring day perhaps will summarize everything into one big pile of tips n tricks post. People keep posting nice combos and tactics all over the forums.

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