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    Why not a Pop up of the characteristics as soon as you get on the lvling character after the fight?

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    At least a way to quickly compare equipped equipement, like eventually the “card” of your bros is remplaced by the “card” of the equipped element you are looking in the shop/in inventory, it would be a really quick way to see what you might need to change.

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    Seconded, tis would be incredibly helpful

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    Hey guys!

    First, i shall say that i have been kinda hooked up, received it as a steam gift three days ago and already spent 27h on it.
    I must say i disagree with the guys that kinda want to make it HUGE and transform it in napoleonian like strategy game, it would take off all the primal meaning of the game i guess, though i like this ambition.

    I want to recall FOTSVAMP idea :

    What I would like to see is the implementation of specialized ammunition E.G, Bodkin arrows vs broad head arrows, they would work slightly different, the bodkin arrows ignoring more armor and the broad head dealing more damage.

    it is a really cool one.

    My takes on the subject
    1-We need a quicksave button, for now i have been really attached to my little bros and can’t take on the main one dying, so far the retreat option was never taken, probably on a future campain
    2-i think THE great thing that needs to be implemented ASAP is REAL camps: when you ar sent to destroy orc/goblins/raiders camp or a cemetary, it would be great to actually fight in said place, not just in randomly generated ground of the biome you are in. In cemetaries you could fall in dug graves, or get your path blocked by tombstones and such, for the camp you would have different designs according to the faction you’re fighting, having little wood remparts. It would emphasize on HOW TO attack them, WHEN to attack them, maybe i will have to buy a ram to smash them wooden doors. It would be mini sieges actually, but even if you don’t actually implement sieges yet, having to fight in proper camps woudl be actually great, at least set in a few camp templates at first.
    But it brings me to a new point
    3-When do you attack? it mihjt be cool to implement some strategies to decide when you shall attack a sttlement. Dawn? Dusk? Night? In history there reasons why raiders attacked at dawn. in most mythologies orc and goblins are mostly dark creatures, (i understand it’s your take on the subject, but thats just an example) they could have malus while fighting in daylight, but you would see them way more roaming during night. PUshing the thing i would say your foes got sun disadvantage (if sunny) when you attack from the east(at dawn) and the exact opposite at dusk.
    4-DIRECTIONS, given all i have said above it would be nice to start the fight from the way you actually attacked the settlement.
    5- TAKEN BY SURPRISE OR NOT? Yesterday I fought a goblin settlement, i was the one attacking, and i choose to engage the fight (i could have canceled) but suddenly i am the one surrounded ? and my troops not in a good order? It made little sense to me, but maybe the goblins outsmarted me. It would be nice to have a way to take the ennemy by surprise (and fail of course)
    6-FORMATION, Props to you guys, most of the time when i attack my lil bros are already greatly lined up shields on front, pikes and archers behind, so, thats really great work on that already. The plus: being able (under favourable circumstances) to put your characters as you wish on a limited area you already have.

    To resume: I love the concept of being prepared to the fight, knowing your ennemy and how to defeat them, if you could give us the right tool to be perfects deadly sellsword it would be a great thing. As i said, i already love the game, i havn’t explored all his features yet but it is already a greta one to me.

    7-Maybe being able to interact with caravans to resuplay, sell your goods.
    8- Everyone is asking for it cause everyone is a mean fucker, but actually being a bandit company cold be fun, but i understand your game is about sellsword and not just 735 A.D Al Capone

    Trivia: Having tombs of your fallen brothers on the map.

    Bug?: Most of the time you do’nt hear the sounds of the hit or miss if the action is not RIGHT on the center of the screen.

    Thats all for now \o/

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