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    Hmmm, in my games I tend to only really hang out in one corner of the map (where the richest port is as they pay the most for loot) and only do quests for the local lords there. I can see myself should the skirmishing against the greenskins or necrophiliacs go badly then I would just abandon the areas I could not defend, pull back to my “home region” and only stay there. It would suck if I was successful but 3/4ths of the map was overrun but I suppose that’s when I would retire and start anew, having learned lessons or whatnot. I don’t know.

    I enjoy post-apocalypse games though so living and fighting through the pre-apocaypse to get there might be right up my alley.

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    I like this idea and the way you have described it a lot.

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    The Yellow Robins

    (I asked my little brother for a name and that is what he came up with.)

    Now the Yellow Robins have fought long and hard. The three original founders, Nic Cosca (bit of a coward but good with a blade), Konrad the Quiet (communicates mainly with his crossbow) and Ragnar the Deathless (The bastard won’t stay down. Believed killed in at least three battles but refused to die. Now scarred beyond recognition, missing a nose, missing an ear; he’s hard to look at but there is nothing more satisfying in this world than watching him decapitate two orcs in one strike) are all rich and famous at the cost of countless farmhands, fishermen, woodcutters and other gullible fools seeking glory and coin.

    Honourable mentions:

    Ingvald the Student: Grave robbing anatomy student turned pikewielding houndmaster. Went down fighting three orcs, giving the rest of the company time to flee for their lives.
    Wolfgang the Bastard: Died doing what he loved. Decapitating goblins with a cleaver.
    Torgrim Orcseye: Messenger, scout and spearman. Singlehandedly took out 3 vampires whilst bleeding out on the grass.
    Svein the Lucky: Inveterate Gambler turned bloody Swordmaster. Had to retire after an orcish warrior ripped his arm off.
    Old Man Tostig: The grey wolf of the company. This veteran caravan guard is too old to run and too tired for this skit. He has an axe and knows how to use it.
    Einar the Sneaky: A thieving backstabbing dwarf. What more do you want?
    Ferdinand the Bull: Strong, stout, sturdy, stupid. These are all adjectives starting with s. I wasn’t inferring anything to you Ferdie. Calm down big boy. Calm down and put that hammer down.

    And so on and so forth the list goes on and on

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)