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    Brotherhood of the Black Bear

    Avatar photoFree Company

    TFW you have to register on a forum because you’re the only other person that played Dark Omen


    The Bloodhounds.

    "There are two types of houndsmen around here, those who are in it for the crowns and those seeking to bring forth justice. Then, there's me."

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    The Bear Errant’s compagnie

    (la compagnie de l’ours errant)

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    The Brazen Cross
    Or some cool group name from dwarf fortress.

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    The Deadmen. ‘welcome to the Deadmen farmboy, grab a spear and get your arse in line!’

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    Happy Tree Friends.

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    Bloody Coins
    The Company was founded by a band of misfits. It’s starting members were Tiny Gisbert, Tobjoern Quickshot, Lars the Kitten, Grumpy Sigmar, Theobald the Farmer and Egil the Greater. In the recent war they have made quite a name for themselves. This fame was paid in blood though and Gisbert died heroically in battle. The rest is still alive and kicking, for now.

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    The Imperial Suns

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    Glorious Basterds

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    The Calico Company-
    Our company was named after two things. Firstly, the colours of the uniform and the colours on our flag; this is also more importantly reflected
    in the backgrounds of our men. Some are highborn, some are street rats and some are mud-wallowing pig farmers. Some are cocky bastards, some are
    smart and some are stupid fuckers. Some weild blades while others prefer clubs and spears. It doesn’t matter. They’re all brothers in arms in the
    Calico Company.

    Background lore. Our company was founded by Captain Bernhard, One-Eye and his boys. As such, our company does not have extremely deep historical
    roots. However, when you are at the bottom of a hill, there is only one direction to climb. Up.
    The Boar’s head on our Banner means two things. Firstly, it represents the rudeness and yet ferocity and tenacity of our men in battle.
    They may not be the cleanliest or politest bunch, but they are loyal to the end and fight with the strengh of powerful beasts; hence the boar.
    The second meaning is the first job the Company ever enlisted.
    Captain Bernhard and One-Eye were brothers. One day, they came home from a hunting trip in the woods to find their village ravaged and their
    family dead. A collosal boar had come in the night and destroyed houses, killed men, women and children and ravaged the crops.
    Bernhard and One-Eye (yes, he lost his eye at a young age in a hunting accident. He never used a bow again cos of depth perception duh) rounded
    up some of the local lads and tracked the giant boar to it’s lair. They defeated it and put it’s head on a pike. After about 6 months and
    the Calico Company was coming along nicely, it started to rot. So they got rid of it and had a local farmer’s wife sew a new boar’s head,
    in cloth of red and green. Green for the wood and the farm and the trees and the humility, red for fire, anger and blood.
    btw its the red and green one with the boar. :)

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    Some names I used in the past, in this game and others were:

    Amber Sun
    Eternal Sun
    Purple Flame
    Hammers of Doom
    Last Word
    Order of the Wyrm
    Children of the Sea
    Iron Tusks
    First Pillar

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