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    Something small that I would love to see is, simply, the introduction of more diversified starting locations within a battle. For example, as already present in the game, when multiple parties converge within a conflict, each group is placed at a different cardinal direction within the tactical map. I would love to see something similar for regular battles, where perhaps the direction you engage an enemy on the world map determines which side you are place at, or even having it determined randomly per battle. Although a bit more complex, perhaps your units positions could even be scrambled upon an ambush, giving the enemy a small tactical advantage. Ultimately, it would just be incredible to have more dynamic battle diversity(it would also be interesting to have my men facing left for a change). Especially as you are already adding more detail onto the tactical map, which I am ecstatic about, the simple addition of being placed at a different corner could go perfectly hand in hand.

    Avatar photoAnonymous

    I have always, even before the warriors of the north, made my party full of cultist, I like to role play, and Davkul seems like a very caring god, he doesnt require pain, he saves the poor witches from the mobs fire, all he wants is to one day have you join his loving embrace and is very accepting. He is not evil, but misunderstood for sure. Everything about Davkul has driven me towards him since the beginning and although I have tried other beginnings in the dlc,I never get far before my band is all Davkul worshipers again. Anyway enough ranting about how awesome Davkul is, my suggestion would be for an end game that has something to do with crusaders or some other kind of religious war to purge the barbarians and Davkul worshipers, making it a bit of a challenging end game for people who like those. Another suggestion is as word gets out about the mercenary cultist group, crusaders and monks, northerners who despise the cult, and others come after you, kind of how random mercenary groups do if you raid a houses lands. I think this would add for immersion and be a fun challenge. Also if you make a support pack with a Davkul item, or banner, I think alot of people would like it. I buy all supports, and although some banners kind of fit Davkul, having a specific one for Davkul would be awesome. Something dark of course, because his embrace is darkness, a nice loving darkness like a hug from a parent that enfolds, squeezes and temporarily blinds you with their overzealous affection.

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    Bonjour, je suis un fan français et j’adore votre jeu! J’ai comme suggestions de mettre une cavalerie.
    On pourrait acheter des chevaux dans une étable (comme pour les chiens) et les équipé de différentes armures.
    Une armure légère pour un cheval rapide et contourner l’ennemi ou une armure lourde pour détruire la piétaille.
    Il pourrait y avoir diverses attaque, une charge qui prend 3 tuiles et qui repousse l’ennemi. Une ruée pour disperser l’ennemi qui nous encercle.
    Une nouvelle arme tel que la lance de chevalier, efficace à cheval mais inconvénients à pied.
    Bien-sûr l’avantage de la cavalerie aurait quelques faiblessent, tel que, un gros coup, un coup de bouclier ou un carros d’arbalète peut faire tomber notre cavalier.

    Voilà j’y ai pensé grâce à ces foutus goblin. Désolé pour la traduction non existante, je suis nul en anglais et Google traduction est mauvais.
    Merci encore de votre superbe jeu, je m’éclate dessus!

    Avatar photoEcho_7

    Now I will continue to mock the English language with a translator, but I don’t think Cyrillic is a good idea.
    1) Weapons
    I once conducted a survey among fans on the most useless ability. It is very nice that it was decided to rebalance the scimitar — Gash was really among the leaders. But the second ability of halberds and pikes led by a huge margin.
    I suggest making the cost of Repel in AP from 6 to 4. What will change : now this ability will not cost the player with the spade a turn and they will be able to strike and push in one turn if they have the fatigue.
    I suggest changing the purpose of the hook. I suppose that to invent a purpose for the struggle against cavalry in the game where there is no cavalry was not easy, but in a game of very few situations where a pass of the fighter with the halberd was worth it to pull an enemy if the weapon gets through the cage. I suggest making the ability “hook” directed against the enemy’s shields : it ignores the bonus to protect from the shield and deprives the enemy of the ability to use the shield and the bonus from the shield 1 turn. In this, it is similar to the Disarm.
    This will make the second ability of spades and halberds not so useless, and also encourage players to spend more stamina fighters with these weapons. The balance of endurance and defense will become less clear in favor of defense.
    2) Variety in inventory. Most of the company’s weapons are trophies. The largest group among the best is removed from the Brigand Leader, which leads to a certain skew on the weapons used , especially in close positions with the loot from the Brigand Leader. We would like to expand their equipments with the following positions: Fighting Spear, Three-Headed Flail, Spetum, Reinforced Mail Coif, Mail Hauberk, Closed Flat Top Helmet, Nasal Helmet with Closed Mail.
    3) 5 skulls of task difficulty
    The game has more and more innovations for late-game play, and the game itself is becoming more focused on a longer passage. In the game, there are more opportunities for the player to accumulate an advantage, and the threshold for passing which the game loses meaning rises. Because of this, 3 skulls will not be enough to regulate the difficulty of tasks.
    4) Changing the protection of the village.
    Raise the chance of militia participation from 20% or 25 % to 70%. Why is it so dramatically: essentially, the quests in BB rarely vary in composition. Quests to catch thieves or destroy lairs or raiders also have their own events that fall out with a small probability. However, they all occupy their own niche, and this is valuable. Quest to protect the village does not occupy any special niche, its composition is the same as that of the destruction of the lair, only there can be several battles. Increasing the chance of allies will make it unique.
    5) a New task for the crisis of the orcs.
    Tasks of the Orc crisis are fairly similar and differ little from clearing the Orc logs outside of the crisis. Therefore I believe that this proposal would be appropriate: “Decapitation”. The point is that the Lord’s scouts have found a place where the Orc and Goblin chieftains gather. To destroy the leaders send several groups of mercenaries. Your allies will be mercenaries , but your opponent has at least one fighter of each type: Orc Warlord, Goblin Overseer and Goblin Shaman.
    6) Add the following characters: mercenary, Zweihander, Sergeant
    Increase the chance of heroes appearances:
    – Master Archer
    – Swordmaster
    – Knight
    – Hedge Knight
    You can hardly see them on the map. However, if you add 4 or 5 skulls, this may change.
    7) New type of enemy: heavy pikeman. This is a Bellman in heavy armor, which is why it is not easy to kill with long -range weapons, it has low melee protection and therefore it uses Billman’s weapons. This is a class that I often create myself and I think it will be a difficult and interesting opponent.

    Avatar photovarow

    I think the perk system and the game generally have to be rebalanced now with all the dlcs. Many weapons and tactical opportunities are useless.
    The only reliable tactics to beat all the game’s challenges is Berserk+Killing Frenzy for everyone to maximise the damage and wait for the enemy to come.
    Since unique armors sirvive the damage after battles as loot, dagger build becomes useless while being very situative and demanding itself.
    Indomitable perk is OP especially in combination with Adrenalin. I think Indomitable shouldn’t exist in the perk tree at least for Expert difficulty or should be reworked somehow.

    Avatar photoozero00022

    In the #127 and #128 dev log, Jaysen has talked about the retinue, which is a really great addition to the game. But as I’ve looked at it, right now it seems like those followers are just buffs and benifits sitting there waiting for you to unlock. I think it will be more interesting to make those followers into “real people” in the game, like our battle brothers. They should have their own faces, names, stories (this is maybe too much), and various benifits that they can give us. For example, drill sergeant Hakon instead make our men level faster, he will give small boost in stats for our new recruits (apply with level 1 brothers only) like 2 in melee and 2 in resolve, or, drill sergeant Grimald will make our drunkard drink no more after he get drunk and drunk again, or with his experience, he can teach our men how to fight orcs efficiently so eventually they overcome their fear of orcs, …so we can have event more options to choose from, that could be so cool. Thank you for speding your time on this, and please forgive me for my mistakes in the text. I hope this suggestion could be somewhat helpful to the development process.

    Avatar photoJuxuR

    Dynamic perks! The one thing from BB Legends -mod I really would like see in the vanilla game is dynamic perk trees. This would require more perks, but would make brothers unique and builds more interesting.

    Avatar photoBering

    Some suggestions (and sorry for my bad english)

    1. Rivers
    It would be nice to see Rivers in the game. For example there would be ferries, bridges and fords and some of the Houses collect tolls for crossing a bridge, there are bandits at fords, monster (Waterghosts for example the Blutschink from Tyrol) live near the river, you have to fight on the beach against enemies and so on.

    2. Mountain Passes
    Same idea as Rivers

    3. Dynamic environment on the battle screen
    A old tree blocking your way? Cut it down and block with it the path of your enemy. Your unit stand a level under a rock? Too bad, the Bandit uses all of his action points to push it and your unit is unconscious for a turn. There is a shrubbery? Put it on fire with a tinderbox, so bowman have a penalty for firing behind the smoke. I think the point is clear.

    4. Naval actions
    Rent a ship (for a fixed cost or a fixed time), fight pirates (or be one like Störtebeker) and Klabautermänner, find hideouts and stranded ships, fight on ships hire for your mercenaries sailors, trade and so on. Would be a nice addition and would make harbors more interesting.

    5. Be a Freeman / an outlaw.
    Start with a band of bandits, you can only enter villages at night, but there are independent settlements, you have to find. You only hire people from there and quests, but they need half of the food and are cheap. The Houses hunt you, if you are near, you can sell and buy goods directly from caravans.

    6. Multiplayer
    Sounds wrong, but as a concept, it would be nice to play the game with some people. One player is the Dungeon Master, who gives Quests, fight the Players and sees the world map without the fog of war and can put some monsters, lairs and so on there. Each player controls to three brothers in the company, recruit them, level them up and gear them. How they separate the loot is their problem.

    Avatar photocobra17

    I don’t know if this has been posted before but it would be great if the unholds in the late game barbarian fights could not be rotated with barbarian fury. It seems ridiculous that a human could rotate such a huge creature and its so frustrating to have some unholds locked down with a tank just for them to be rotated out . Thank you

    Avatar photoExplorer

    Hey there,

    This is a small thing, but it bugged me for a while and I think it might be really helpful. Would you consider adding a function in the Company Rooster, which would allow to see all of the Brothers stats at a single glance? A kind of overview table where I can check how everyone compares for Resolve or Ranged Skill and what perks they have? I know it might seem silly, given we only need to handle 12-20 troops at a time, but I often thought it would make things simpler and more fun. I for one, find the need to endlessly shuffle between guys to be a pain.

    Love the game, waiting for the new DLC, keep it up guys.

    Avatar photoqbot3000

    Horses. I’ve been playing battle brothers since before the maps were randomized, and every so often I come back to it. Looking very forward to the new DLC coming soon, but always wondered why we don’t have horses. I mean, it seems like the mechanics are there with the goblins, so why can’t we apply them to people and have a few mounted knights?

    My thoughts on horses then.

    1. They should be expensive enough that you can afford them for a few brothers, but maybe not everyone. Otherwise the game will turn into “Mounted Battle Brothers”. Horses should be expensive to maintain, and moderately difficult to kill. You should not always want to use them, for fear of having them killed in less important battles, but useful enough that you desperately want to use them in larger battles.

    2. Horses should provide more mobility – at least twice the mobility of a brother on foot.

    3. Maybe make horseback riding a skill that has to be learned before a brother can ride into battle.

    4. There could be a horseback charge attack that is particularly devastating, unless the enemy has spears or pikes.

    5. Long spears or pikes should be the optimal counter weapon for horses. Horses also present a bigger target, so ranged weapons should have a greater chance of hitting them.

    6. You could armor your horse for a little more protection, in exchange for a little less mobility.

    7. Horses would improve your speed on the campaign map, but be expensive to maintain. You might even have to eat your horses should your battle brothers run out of food.

    What does everyone else think of horses as a possibility? And what I’m really wondering – why are they not already in the game? Technical issues, game design issues, AI issues?

    Avatar photovarow

    1. One more level up for the Lone Wolf start. Some starts are barely playable because of law stats, rolls, perks like Brute and Drunkurd. Even one miss often ends the campaign. It’s almost impossible to survive till Underdog alone to get the Lone Wolf Event.

    2. 2H flails are too weak – low damage, low penetration. At least it has to ignore shield wall as well due to it’s size.

    Avatar photoNobal

    I didnt suggest something for whole year so this is it. Its another time to suggest something.

    1. Spider Boss – 6 leg tokens around 1 body token. (like Lindwurm head and tail). Every leg will have piercing attack. Body will have aoe web and single target cocoon. If cocoon isnt destroyed in 3 turns, it will kill targeted brother and spawn 5 spiderlings. Reward would be getting legendary bow which will have ability to shoot 3 times in battle.

    2. Torch – 1-5 dmg on hit with 5 durability. It would be used as weakening ability against Schrats.

    3. Beast Slayer buff. They could get trait specialization on some types of beasts.
    a.) Hexe – Immune to hex spell.
    b.) Alpa – Killing darkness will kill caster of said entity.
    c.) Schrat – Increasing damage by 30%
    d.) Lindwurm – 50% acid dmg reduction
    e.) Wolf – 20% melee defense bonus
    f.) Nazcherer – lvl 1 damage increased by 20%, lvl 2 melee defense increase by 20%, lvl 3 if eaten then deal 50 damage from inside :)
    g.) Spider – immune to web
    h.) Necrosavant – ignores nine lives
    i.) Kraken – if grabbed by tentacle then every turn deal passive 70 damage (well killing tentacle in 3 turns)
    j.) Orcs – when jumped by orc young then just move one tile back, if any tile is blocked then stun will be applied (if chances had it would be stun)

    4. Tabards, let us please buy or make tabards in colors. I want to color my black templars in black and white. (some color schemes such noble houses have).
    5. Werewolf beast – werewolf would have bleeding effect attack, cleave attack and decapitate attack. Will heal every turn by 20% of his actual HP. Will be able to soak more blunt damage, but actual piercing damage will do extra damage to him.
    6. Slavic themed weapons, armor, mythological beasts such as drowner, rusalka etc. (You know, witcher stuff).

    Avatar photoTOXAsh

    About a year ago, I already wrote a similar post, now I want to repeat it, and say that during this time I became even more confident in this problem.
    Headshots one of the core mechanics. I think the Steel Brow perk makes many things pretty worthless. For example, ordinary headshots lose their meaning and are often more likely to be undesirable, because of different armour on body and head. Flails also lose their meaning due to a passive bonus to the head and a second type of attack. Also, axes lose all their bonus critical effect in the head against targets with Steel Brow. I propose to change Steel Brow perk: reduce the damage to the head to 10% of the usual blows, and reduce the bonus of the ax to 10% as well. Thus, headshots and axes for such targets as skeletons and Unholds(and others) will no longer be completely useless. A blow to the head from the ax will give at least 20% bonus damage instead of 0% to the character with an Iron Brow, compared with 100% bonus to a character without an Iron Brow.
    That being said, quite a few opponents have this perk, which makes the headshot mechanic useless or even harmful.
    For the player, this perk also allows you to practically ignore the mechanics of headshots and sometimes want to get hit on the head much more often.
    Since we are talking about blows to the head, we need to mention the Head Hunter perk. This perk is very weak, and in current mechanics it is completely useless. Firstly, the condition for hitting the body (successful) to increase the chance of getting into the head sounds already useless, because the goal is to raise the chance of getting hit in the head, and if the chance of getting into the head is already high (a similar situation with the Quick Adaptation perk), then there’s no use for this perk, because with a ~ 50% chance of hitting the head, the character will, on average, hit the head once every other time. Passive + 15% to HeadShot chance will already be more useful than current mechanic. Also, do not forget about the problems with getting into the head described above.

    "Death is a part of mercenaries job."

    Avatar photoTOXAsh

    I really liked the start for the ManHunters, very unusual, but I think for most players it is too inconvenient. I propose: either to reduce the cost of a whip to 3ap, since fighters with most two-handed weapons cannot effectively whip debtors, or to increase the duration of the whip effect to 3 rounds.
    I would also like the mood to fall a little more slowly with a lack of debtors in the team, or so that it would sometimes be possible to meet debtors not only in southern cities, at least for ManHunters. Currently, when you are far from the southern cities and you lose a debtor and there are not enough of them, you have to frantically look for a new one, and there may not be any people nearby, continuous undead and greenskins.
    It would also be nice if the mood starts to fall on the world map if the debtors are less than half and not less than 51% of the team.

    I would also like to see unique southern slings, because even unique guns have already been introduced!

    "Death is a part of mercenaries job."

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