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    Yes, I also think this should be addressed in some way.

    I understand this is something minor (fighting peasants is not something you frequently do in every playthrough xD), but giving basic weapons to peasants (nets, clubs, knives, wooden flails and the like) as OP said would be nice, or if that’s not possible, maybe at least change the encounters where peasants are the ones on the offensive (for example, replacing peasants with hostile town militia?).

    in reply to: Morale Checks While Stunned? #18860

    Incoming Brick-shitter trait in the next update, when character routs and starts fleeing, he gains a free ranged attack against a random target in the opposite direction of his movement.

    in reply to: Alchemist background #18816

    Liking this background idea a lot!

    Maybe Alchemists could be found in big settlements (were employed by a local lord) or in small ones with the Herbalist’s Grove building (were near a stable source of ingredients)?

    in reply to: Morale Checks While Stunned? #18812

    I think you’re “defaulting” to how the “Stun mechanic” is built in many games.
    I mean in most games the “Stunned status effect” completely incapacitates the target for a set period of time, but one could argue that it’s just an arbitrary gameplay decision (and a completely correct interpretation of the meaning that word carries, but not the only one).

    Let’s say you’re referring to a “Hard Stun”, while in Battle Brothers you get only a “Light Stun”, that dazes you for a turn but still leaves you (mostly) capable to defend yourself as you’re struggling to recover.

    To me it’s fine calling this a Stunned state, even if it differs to what being Stunned is in most of other games =)

    the enemy who fleeing in panic continues to hide behind the shield if he covered before then panicked. I can’t agree with this too )

    If I’m not mistaken, a stunned or panicked character do lose shieldwall, are you sure about it?

    EDIT: Sorry RusBear I read that backwards, my bad XD
    I think that if a character routs and starts fleeing from the battle, he’s turning and leaving its back exposed (and with his mind numbed by fear he doesn’t realise that by doing that he’s in more danger than if he kept defending himself), that’s why dropping shieldwall and other sustained abilities while panicked makes sense to me.

    in reply to: Company Backgrounds (that influence playthroughs)) #18804

    EDIT: in the first line of the Ancient Heritage example I meant
    + triggers events where people remember *your Company’s name and add more crowns to contract payment.

    in reply to: Reach the Advantage Perk #18772

    It does mention in the perk description that if you put your 2-handed weapon away you’ll lose all stacks, and I would argue that it makes sense in both balance (exploit example: successfully cleaving all target with a 2-handed gives you 3 stacks, with Quick Hands you get to equip your shield for free and if could keep those stacks that char will be untouchable) and realism (you’re keeping the enemy at bay with your superior reach, no matter how fast you can switch weapons, they’ll close distance the moment your weapon is not in the way).

    in reply to: Perk Ideas #18761

    My opinions:

    Ram is very similar to Ork’s charge (and stronger with the included damage), so it’s a no (I mean, should remain an Orc only ability).

    Blitz could be very useful for a two-handed build or knife build, and personally I like it a lot, nice one!

    Firm Grip would synergize too much with the Duelist perk I fear, but I have mixed feelings about this.

    Fleet Foot it’s too strong for 2-handed weapons that strike from 2 tiles away, as it gives free distance without giving your enemies a free-attack or using up a lot of fatigue with the Footwork perk.

    Blood Rage I kinda like the concept, but how about having the same value as a malus if you’ve not taken damage? That way it’s not simply a boost if it happens, he needs to be hurt, else he’s less effective.

    Exploit Weakspot it could be as I tend to ignore Initiative as a stat, and that would give me a reason to invest points into it, but at the same time I don’t really like the effect.

    Nimble Fairy good one, I would drastically reduce the fatigue value, as experienced fighters tend to dodge a lot, and either adding this to the Nimble perk or making it a character trait.

    Weapon Toss sorry I don’t think this one will work, being in a realistic settings you can’t simply effectively throw every weapon (maybe changing this into a knife specific perk that gives knife users throwable knives?), and this also brings the question “do you recover the weapon?”, as projectiles are not recovered but always use up ammunitions.

    Counter Shield mixed feelings about this one too, I mean I like the idea but we already have the Shield Expert perk, and a mace user would benefit too much from this combo I fear.

    in reply to: (maybe too much) Brainstorming #18759

    I am already thinking about DLCs…. is it too soon?

    Well, my answer would be yes.
    From my point of view, as the game is not released yet the devs are surely working like crazy to deliver it on time, and for now they probably do not have the actual time to think about what to add/implement after the release.

    Talking about your ideas or what you would like to see in the game is always good, so maybe it is too soon for DLCs, but that should not keep you from suggesting stuff you think would work! :D

    in reply to: How about a soft level cap #18734

    I don’t dislike the idea of a soft level cap, but I think the devs went for hard cap to reinforce the low-fantasy, hard-life theme of the game.

    The way I see this, having a hard level cap means every soldier (being normal humans) has his limits, and that your veteran 11th level farmer, the one you hired at the start of the game despite him not really being that talented for mercenary life cause you couldn’t afford better, has not the same potential of your new expensive sellsword recruit, despite being stronger thanks to his experiences.

    But that’s just my opinion.

    in reply to: (maybe too much) Brainstorming #18675

    They already plan to implement some kind of bounds with the new mood sistem.

    Thanks for the heads up, missed that!

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