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    I would like you to put the texts in order to translate into Portuguese please.

    Avatar photoCobs

    I got a few suggestions for combat information;

    1- Have an option to show the Attack Rolls on the combat log, especially for enemies, something like a D100 Roll, would be something like the combat log from Neverwinter nights series, the game is really frustrating when you miss a sequence of 80% success attacks, would be interesting to see from how far i missed the attacks, and may be even more frustrating, but would be nice to have this kind of info.

    2- Show enemies injure and buff information, by hovering the mouse on his icon or maybe by opening a new window with extra info when you hover mouse on enemies for a bit longer, or maybe by selecting him, cause is very annoying see that the enemie has a injurie or a buff and dont know how much that interfere on the combat, especially over the fragility of characters and level of tactics that is necessary for combat on battle brothers.

    3- show floating hit damage on screen, would be nice to see those big hits floating on screen and also the criticals, i think it would give more emotion and excitement for the battles, and if the dev think that would pollute the screen too much, the other option would be a more clean combat log with a more direct info about the damage, actually a total review about the combat log would be lovely, cause the actual one doesnt show anything of use.

    4- Last one, is more a cosmetic one, maybe give more designs for the weapons, same stats, same strenght, just little changes on the art style and colors, and maybe even be able to customize then like the barber customize the character, just to make the characters more unique.

    Conclusion: I loved the game, really did, and that is why i’m here giving my suggestion and opinion, after a while playing you kind of guess all this info that i told now, but when you are new to the game you are thrown at dark on combats, the only info you really has are the percentage to hit, so you are forced to go research info at wikis and other sites what even there is a little confuse by first, so to have that in a more clean and obvious way at the screen, will help a lot the new players to undestand what is going on.

    I hope all this suggestion to be helpful at some way, and please, keep the good work, your game are awesome !!!

    Hugs from Brazil.

    Avatar photovarow

    Please, rebuild the perk system. Recover should be a basic skill for everyone and would be better to create possibility to relearn perks for money.

    Zone of control with free infinite hits is too imbalanced, current mechanics cuts down tactics very significantly. At least let мoving out for 5 AP with 1 punishing attack without getting stopped.

    AI marksmen see everyone in bushes.

    Avatar phototarduk

    okey, that’s my suggestions;

    -real maps, real cities, real houses and real legends like lord dracula, cannibals or barbarians.
    -are growing cities possible? patrician 2 is a good and simple example for this.
    -no woman no cry but women can fight too. maybe %10 of all warriors can be woman.
    -no ethnicity. i want to see an african with his spear like djimon hounsou in the movie gladiator.
    -no myhtology or religion but it can be a good idea for creating sacred places, legendry items or gaining reputation.
    -i want to marry with a noble girl in this game. maybe i can be a mayor for a city.
    trace and commerce can be a new way to extend and have a new vision. islands can have different raw material and it’s a cause to go there.
    -if we got raw material, now we can start to learn crafting.
    -no voices. it’s a real problem after playing 10 hours. i want to hear an human voice!!!
    -in the game GTA2, (it was my last gta lol) we work for 3 different mafia families. there is a balance with these 3 families and if we complete a duty for a family, an other family could be angry for this. it was a good opportunity for this game.
    -i want to create my own with a creation screen!
    -i want to hear that my soldiers ideas about me and they ask to gamble with me, i want to ask them this too. this is interaction.

    this game is a great beginning for a legend.

    Avatar photoNite

    1. There is missing ability to repair items in towns – sometimes it realy needed fast, and you have no backup armor in stash etc. Maybe blacksmith can do it for you.

    2. Also, combat log is pretty poor. I want see not only hits, but misses too. Maybe there will be an option to show miss/hit/wait/abilities used etc. I know enemy stat is hiden from a player to make it more exp based etc and this is great, but let us at least see what happened visualy on the screen (some times when i have to wait many others actions i just go for a kitchen to get some tea or like).

    3. Fighting with many units are realy annoying (like helping big caravans/troops and vs ~20+ enemies). It’s ok when they act, but somethimes there is shooting war while others are just skiping their turns, and skiping and skiping. So suggestions:
    3.1. Maybe there can be a button like “end this turn now” (for your guys).
    3.2. Even when all skiping their turns, this takes time too. You can just press “wait”/”end turn” for you brother and go next – you need to wait ~1+ sec for order-board animation. I want an option to reduce this time – i want just press Enter, Enter, Enter for 3 guys in a row fast. And waiting enemies takes realy a lot of time skiping their turns too. Make it much faster pls. Maybe near instant, but with some indication floating over their heads (like “berserk” skill, but with timer/cancel sign icons). And let “unit wait” displayed in combatlog.

    Avatar photoNamespace

    1. There is missing ability to repair items in towns – sometimes it realy needed fast, and you have no backup armor in stash etc. Maybe blacksmith can do it for you.

    You can actually do this at an armorer/weaponsmith for armors and weapons respectively.
    For this you need to unequip said item, open the blacksmith interface and then Alt + Right Click the item.

    There should be an Icon for this in the interface though. Right now, the player has to read the tooltip when hovering over the item.
    Alt + Right Click is also not a great key combination as Right Click is the button to sell stuff.

    Avatar photovarow

    Please don’t make sisters of battle, it will ruin the whole game.

    Avatar photoalsaindar

    You’re talking about a world engulfed in war, and overrun by orcs, undead, brigands, and far worse things that go bump in the night. Overall, a shitty place to live. How does the other half of the population taking up arms to defend themselves ruin the game?

    "Just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean that an invisible demon isn't about to eat your face."

    Avatar photobatteran

    “Sisters of battle” probably don’t fit the “low medieval/dark fantasy” thing.

    But you could maybe have brothers of battle that were women in disguise. It has happened in every era of humanity. Tricky to do well, but it could be a special background, a chest covered in tight bandages/undershirt (opposed to naked for standard bro) and some related events. No need for special heads, standards one will work well. (and the player can alway take off the fake beard at the barber if he want)

    I say “tricky” because no matter the way you do that, someplayer will be offensed. Everyone is offensed, theses days…

    It’s maybe too much work for the addition of just a background and some events. (even one “undershirt” chest is a lot of images I bet, if you want to have all injuries)

    But if done well, it could add a thing. Women disguised in male soldiers is a common thing in books ^^ The Black company has (at least) one I remember. The Monstrous regiment of Pratchett (rest in peace) has too. And you will find examples in real stories.

    Avatar photoPasis

    Hello, soory for my bad English.
    I suggest, that would be nice, if we can have garrison in towns. Becouse at first we can keep there some veterans,that not so perspective,then talanted men, and at second (and that more important) would help us to defend weak settlements in game crisis. Another thing, it will be funny have more then 20 relible men in this dangerous world=). I think that it will be honest if they will recive not 100% of payments, and we can control them then somebody will attack town, there garrison is.

    Avatar photoGunstar

    My suggestions:

    – Allow to decline rewards for certain contracts (like defending villages/towns from bandits) for a boost in reputation with said town/village
    – An even HARDER diffuclty
    – Bandit contracts (contracts from bandit leaders while you have merciless rep)

    Really weird suggestion

    – Faction ratings with enemies (green skins, bandits, ancient undead) that can infulence them hunting you down or even them letting you go

    Avatar photoTheBigKDog

    First, your game is awesome and quite possibility my favorite game of all time.

    I would like to make a suggestion, though I’m sure this is not an original one. I think it would be cool if there were unique dogs. These would act very much like normal dogs, however they would have differently allocated stats. For example of of them could be a tamed wolf, or another could be an unusually large dog that does more damage and can potently be found donning plate armor, or one is a breed rarely found in this area of the world that may move faster but not do as much damage as the common dog. Also it would be cool if one could place dogs in the starting formation before the battle begins. As someone who uses dogs on a pretty common basis I think this would add more to the building of a mercenary party, and the endgame of how to strengthen the mercenary party.

    Thanks to anyone who read this comment.

    Avatar photoRap

    There’s already a tamed wolf in the game ;)

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    Avatar photovarow

    Since nimble is an absolutely worthless perk in the current game version, is there any chance for some buffs? At least I see it like nimble additionally lowers the chance to get a critical hit to 5% independently of enemy weapon bonuses. It gives a nimbler one free perk insted of Steel Brow without which nimblers live till the first headshot/hit. And of course this bonus works only if you dont exceed some fatigue penalty of your armor.

    Avatar photoNavideft

    Hi devs

    Im a huge fan of your work, best turn-based strategy game with almost all of my fantasies :)
    but there is lot more and playing your game for three hours a day with three separate saves with three different merc companies has become a little less satisfying …
    How about a catapult or someting like that to make a city defence like a city defence? i saw once during a battle with orcs but not working … it would be great as my brothers with shields and heavy armors are strong against all kind of in-game archers.. it can fire a rock piece from long range and smash the unlucky poor thing in its way (long range,low rate,low ammo, powerful, non-accurate, and for npc forts only)

    how about a perk witch increase the Ap for 3 or 4 points for a round? know about the berserk already but for catching that &*@#$ ambushers…

    it would be grate to see more special perks for individual backgrounds … for ex a brawler with a rage perk, a monk with calm, a hedge knight with some kind of morale decrease and morale chek, or any thing to make backgrounds more exciting and special than now (i know about the events and become old trait)
    and the last request
    more waepons and armor please :( … or give us somthing to modify or replace them and keep the game fresh for a long time from now

    many thanks

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