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    Silver Palm company.

    Yellow? background with a silver hand pointing upward?


    I have a request from a couple of my friends and one streamer:
    Company Name: rnd lucky
    baner – 20 sided dice and the inscription on all sides – “missed”
    colors – of your choice


    Name : “Dead Men Hunting”
    Banner : skeletal soldier(s) equipped with a sword&board or any weapon really

    The fluff behind it would be a mercenary company using charcoal and white chalk to masquerade as skeletal warriors / intimidate fools (on the face + bony-like claws on hands/gloves).



    I’ll start on the banners tomorrow, so keep them coming.

    Until then enjoy some more event pictures:


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    Cracking work as ever! Love the art style as ever, really supports the overall tone of the game and is distinctive.

    Get the programmers to crank up the frequency of events so we can see more of your excellent event work.


    Name : “Boatmen of Styx”
    Banner : Shrouded figure with skeletal face, using paddle to navigate small boat.

    Mercenary company that ain’t afraid of dying, taking the name of those who bring souls to the other world by the mythical river Styx.



    Name: Widowmakers

    Banner: Naked woman with tears in her eyes, on a gray background.

    Bit cliché but this shows a what kind bastards this free-company is. They are a rag-tag bunch mostly consisting of former serfs, deserters, bandits and a very few disgraced free-knights. This is the reason they have chosen to have a fierce name beacuse they wanted to hide the fact that they are not much more than organized rabble. This is also why they are sporting a grey banner, not because they wanted to but because it was the only thing at hand.

    Slowly they have been getting renown as a company of dread after surviving the frontlines as a sacrficial pawn. The woman on the banner was sewn in after a raid of a minor lordlings estate, taken directly from a tapestry from main halls.


    Disowned Bastards

    white sword over a black shield with dark background almost blending with the shield


    The Bastards of Fyre

    (paying homage to the blackfyres)

    A black dragon on a black background, enveloped in a golden flame


    I thought somthing like this might be cool…
    ^^ Maybe something less cliche as a big skull might be lady luck herself casting the dice, or some strands of hair on the skull to suggest it’s lady luck.
    ^^ Also “Warriors by Fluke” is much funnier but I haven’t the heart to change it.

    Tiz similar to RusBear’s suggestion, had another idea but monks praying to gold might not be cool enough for people to use :D


    Cold-Hearts company.
    Background of the banner is green with black bend to the right. In the center is longsword, blade down, with wrapped around snake. Snake’s head is bend over sword hilt.


    Name : “Forsaken Returned”
    Banner : Metal gauntlet with diamond ring on index finger emerging out of the sand in which the rest of the body is buried. Dawn sun is rising behind it, and (possibly) an arrow is sticking in the ground next to it.

    A unit whipped out and left for dead on an Eastern Crusade has managed to leave behind a few survivors, and now they return.

    If you lift the “one contribution rule” I have 2 or 3 very different ideas.

    Thanks for being open to this by the way!!!


    Thank you Psen for the great idea!

    I would base a banner on the Banshee Beggar

    An old lady, with all her (minimal) possessions around her, huddled under a wall, hunched over and decrepit, (no need for a wall on the banner) with a tattered grey-dirty cloak covering her entire person. The face of the cloak is black, except hollow blue-grey eyes dimly glimmering from within.

    A sicle is laying next to her, and she has been using it to carve teeth and bone.

    Am image I found:


    Uuuuu Aza this is good.


    Awesome ideas here.
    First of all, the one suggestion per user rule gets removed, keep on shooting ideas! :)

    What really really helps me is a little description of the company and its history like the “widowmakers” or the “returned”. It makes it easier for me to paint a “Multi-layered” banner with unique details and all.

    “The woman on the banner was sewn in after a raid of a minor lordlings estate, taken directly from a tapestry from main halls.”
    “A unit whipped out and left for dead on an Eastern Crusade has managed to leave behind a few survivors, and now they return.”

    Overhype Studios - Let´s roll!

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