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    Looks great !
    The Skeleton helmet looks like the Illyrian helmet from Rome 2 : Total war :D
    As Skeletons, they seem to be much more “worn” which is looking good. I like it.

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    since it’s possible now to encounter Orc clans fighting each other it’d be good to have some way of telling which ones belong to which clan

    Absolutely true. To be honest I already started working on recognizable features to tell the clans apart, but the topic got a little lost in the whole worldmap mayhem.
    I’ll try to get back to it!

    Haha nice, i was thinking exactly the same thing when i once saw orcs fighting each-others.
    Btw, it was quite a weird bug. Before the battle, scouts informs me : 6 orc Young to fight. Then, i enter, and they were 13!. Enjoying to Kill each-others xD. Sadly, i had no idea which orc was on which side.^^

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    On which difficulty do you guys play ?

    With this new update, in my new campaign i have almost never participated in NPCs fight. (Only 2 times, and it was already a decisive victory without me.)
    Sadly, for me, atm my campaign is pretty easy. I’m day 140 and i never saw orks raiding a single town.
    Raiders are never more than 10 (mostly 8), and they never raid villages/towns. Nobles have HUGE forces. (stack of 14men well equiped)

    Before the update, the difficulity “Even” was already quite hard.
    But now, i’m wondering; is the difficulty lower the size of enemy bands ? And because my enemy bands are lower in number, they don’t risk to waste around villages ?

    Or maybe i have bad luck, and my randomized world is shit ? :D

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    Hello !

    I don’t know how you manage your battles, but what i can say is : You are wrong sir. :)
    You just have to carefully pick up your first few battles. (where you are low on money) then, money wont be a problem at all.

    I’m at day 110 and i have around 40k gold, all my mens are well equiped. with a huge ammount of tools & ammunations.

    Oh, btw, on which difficulty do you play ?

    in reply to: how to see enemy effective statistics #12868
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    If you are new, i advise you to start fighting “Bandits Thugs” & “Bandits Marksmen”

    The Undeads are also quite easy to fight. Especially the ghouls, skeletons and “Zombies”(wiederganger?).

    Avoid Orcs & Goblins at start !

    The easiest to the hardest :
    Bandits Thugs / Bandits Marksmen / Bandits Raiders / Bandits Leaders

    For the Undeads :
    Wiederganger / Ghouls / Skeletons /Skeletons guards / Fallen Hero / Necromancer (weak, but very powerfull magic)

    in reply to: New update: Relations degrading too fast #12824
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    Hey guys,
    Thanks to the last update, we can now see the relationship points with factions.

    I can now tell you that my relation with nobles isn’t buggy. I do get some points when i finish a quest.
    However, it’s way too few points and it’s decreasing WAY too fast.

    I’m at day 100, i have done so many quests with the same realm. I have 3000 fame. And still, the nobles kept “neutral” to me mostly all the time. I have reach ONCE “Open 61pts” because i luckily finished 2 quick quests.
    And then, the time to find another quest with them, and all my work was gone. :(

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    Hey guys !
    I’m at Day 75, and i’m roaming in the same realm,(noble faction) looking for quests.
    Sadly, my relation with the nobles do not increase. It stay at “Neutral” Even after finishing many quests…
    I don’t know if it’s a bug or not, but my relation with nobles seems to be stuck.

    With guild masters, i can see after a quest that my relation goes to “OPEN” and the next day it goes back to neutral. (it seems to be very fast to decrease)

    in reply to: More Brothers #7354
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    Very interesting ideas.
    I hope the devs will read what you have posted here. :)

    Having all these features in this awesome game would be great.

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