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    Avatar photoNavideft

    about terrains ..
    I guess it would be great that the terrains wont built random and locations ( city , fort , goblin camp , necromancer camp or etc ) have their unique terrain .
    bandits that ambushes you can select high grounds , necromancers can be up on a small wooden tower , cities can have towers and also sea battles can be possible with two ships with two big boards are the only way that you can enter from your contractr’s supply ship (you suppose to protect) to pirates,, (or no sea battles?)

    Avatar photovarow

    What if mercenaries like hedge knight, raider, sword master already had high level perks? For example if you hire a sword master, he has perks duelist and nimble. If it’s hedge knight, he has battle forged, brawny and reach advantage, They are described as powerful experienced warrioirs but when you hire them it’s not possible to use them effectively enough for a long time.

    Avatar photovarow

    Do you still balance the game? Since swordmasters are very hard to build and survive and still are useless, their abilities need to be enhanced. The AI swordmasters have around 70 of pure m defence which is impossible to achive so the game must be rebalanced.
    1) Ripost fatigue cost must be reduced at least to 15 since every hit and miss builds fatigue and takes away the dodge bonus defence too fast.
    2) Ripost must give some additional m defence (10-15%) in combination with the duelist and sword spec perks.
    3) Sword spec + duelist gives autoripost and -50% fatigue level on activation for the end of the game.

    Avatar photoTrappist

    Guys, with the new DLC and associated balancing round, please can I ask if you guys are open to fielding new suggestions around content and balance?

    If yes, i would start by asking you to take a fresh look at the massive stacks that occur late game. I understand player power being strong after 150+ days but constantly facing stacks of 20 or 30+ enemies is kind of dispiriting and becomes a grind, especially when they provide cover for uber units like Master Archers. ….And almost any big group of goblins is a nightmare with their mix of units and puncturing skirmishers… Add in Shamans and Overlords and it becomes almost an exercise in futility.

    I talk purely from viewpoint of an Ironman player here, but that is how the game is supposed to be played i guess!

    As for other ideas and feedback, I hold onto them until I know if you are interested to hear.

    Fantastic decision to develop the game again, very best luck with this. I ‘m really excited about it and I hope it turns BB into the commercial success it surely deserves to be.

    Avatar photoWargasm

    I think it’d be cool if there were some small changes to increase the early/mid-game usability of certain lower-tier and one-handed weapons – e.g.:

    pickaxes could be intermediate one/two-handed weapons that are unwieldy and do low damage (lower than now) when wielded in one hand, but that gain an elevated damage boost from double-grip – e.g. +50-100% damage and the ability to be used for Shatter AoE attacks that do damage part-way between the single- and double-grip values (but with the Destroy Armour skill removed, at least for two-handed use) …

    bludgeons and morning stars could also be mixed one/two-handed weapons with lower single-grip damage but higher double-grip damage, and could lose Knock Out but gain a mid-damage two-handed AoE attack with 33% chance to stun and 33% chance to stagger; meanwhile, wooden clubs could remain as low-damage one-handed weapons with the Knock Out skill, and winged maces (with their shorter handles) could gain the additional double-grip boost while retaining Knock Out (also with the boost) but not being useable for two-handed AoE attacks …

    — possibly flails also could be mixed one/two-handed weapons with lower single-grip but higher double-grip damage, and could regain a mid-damage AoE attack for two-handed use (with multiple hits possible); Lash would retain its current form for one-handed attacks, and basic wooden flails could remain as solely one-handed weapons …

    scramasaxes could have their damage lowered but become highly utilitarian mixed swords/daggers/cleavers with the Slash, Puncture and Decapitate skills, making them useful secondary weapons throughout the game (in keeping with the historical use of such weapons) …

    warbrands (while remaining poor versus armour) could become mixed swords/cleavers (raw damage similar to crypt cleavers) that can be used for Slash, Split, Swing or Decapitate attacks (with rhomphaias adjusted accordingly) …

    — maybe crypt cleavers could gain an AoE option (“Splatter”) costing 6 APs …

    bucklers and goblin reinforced skirmisher shields could inflict minor punching damage+fatigue when the Knock Back skill shifts an enemy …

    — maybe bigger and smaller variants of the round shield could be added (e.g. 12/12 and 18/18 defence values) …

    Avatar photoRusBear

    Let’s put all suggestion for new DLC in 1 topic to help devs to see and check it.

    New DLC; fixes of current content wishlist

    Avatar photoVera

    before the battle with Hogarth, you can just trade for a very long time for several weeks and only then engage in battle with a well-equiped squad of 7-8 people, it turns out that Hoggart just waiting for weeks when it comes, it would be more interesting if he waited only a couple of days and then went to another place or something else, just a thought, I’m new here, game is masterpiece like old Disciples 2. great joy that you decided to develop it further

    Avatar photoSolone201

    It’s about the leveling up of our battle brothers. After level 11, they receive 3 points they can use for 3 “specialties” (I’ve forgotten the right term). It’s a good idea because it keeps the game interesting, but I have an issue with that because it can make your characters too powerful – which doesn’t really follow the spirit of the game imo.

    My suggestion: after level 11, each BB should receive 1 (one) free point, with the possibility to add a second point at the condition to lose a point to one of the specialty of the character (the choice of that removed point can even be randomized, to keep things dangerous and interesting)

    I hope you guys are going to take this into consideration, or at least that you are going to balance that issue somehow. Thanks for that game.

    Avatar photovarow

    What’s about the assassin?
    While killers and jesters have higher crit chances, the professional killer has just usual 25% for the cost of 6000. And if we take him for an 11 level bastard, he is only level 6.

    Avatar photovarhagen

    Weapon nedeed rebalance:Spears have very low damage,spear wall is trash tactic. Crossbow is trash because have distance 6 and 1 shot effective agains armoiry per round equal bow or lower. And elite mercenaries is too weak for 4k we have soldier like usual soldier of noble house that haven’t use heavy armor normally!

    Avatar photoPasis

    I don’t think so. Spear is extrimly good choce in early game,then enemy have bad armor. In mid game-it is a tactical option,becouse opponents prefer avoid side there spear wall exist,so you can control their movement. In late game I take spears for some tank builds(low dmg better 0 dmg) if they have 55- meely skill. Sometimes I have spearman with high accurasy (to save instruments on repair armor)in battles with zombies,or against orcs to protect my flang. About arbalest. It is weapon for 50-60 range skill brothers. In most cases they do 1 shot and swap weapon. Bows and arbalet have different roles.

    Avatar photovarow

    I would make “Berserk” and “Killing frenzy” perks having no effect on range weapons. At least “Berzerk” is a pure melee condition like a “Brute” trait. And bows are extremely op with these perks.

    And I still think that “Recover” must be a basic skill to use. Many players avoid picking it and in late game cant fight goblins and hordes of zombies. Shamans spam roots and zombies ressurect. Not to mention battles in swamps and snow. So it is the only obligatory perk.

    Also the game mecanics doesn’t allow to choose paths with the most advantageous hexes and courses to move. The tactical side of the game suffers from it.

    Avatar photoOh Brother

    Also the game mecanics doesn’t allow to choose paths with the most advantageous hexes and courses to move. The tactical side of the game suffers from it.

    This issue has been brought up before, and I agree it should be corrected if possible.

    A wise general wins before the battle, while the ignorant general must fight to win - Zhuge Liang

    Avatar photokem

    Yeah, it whould be wonderfull if there is a way to plot alternative path to avoid that ZOC.

    Avatar photovarhagen

    I have 9 archers with long axes and 9 shields. all level 11. how to pass the black monolith? necrosavant cut archers completely. prompt advice or rebuild please?

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