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    Do Pikes spawn in your games?

    Yes. All new weapons have spawned in my old save game.

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    Heavy Crossbow: That, I do know. But how would a cost of 9 AP play out? That way you can only shoot every 2 turns, and part of these shots will miss. Unless the crossbow is extremely powerful I doubt it is actually worth being used at the moment.

    That’s the point :) It’s extremely powerful weapon, better range, better damage, better accuracy, better armour damage :)
    But if BB world is rather like our XI-XII century than this weapon should not be implemented (like full plate armour, and many anti-armour weapon).

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    I have some solution for level cap. At level 6 there is 1st exp cap, your battle brother should find proper trainer in city/castle and pay for some instructions 1000 crowns. At 11 level is 2nd cap, and training costs 2000 crowns. After 11 level every next level has own price, and after 11 level you gain perks only half time (on 13, 15, 17, 19 level, etc) and next level is more expensve (+1000 crowns). What do you think?

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    3)The longsword was not a two-handed weapon. I think there are already plenty sword types in the game, but maybe the falchion could become a weaker war cleaver and the longsword could take its place.

    You are wrong, it’s very agile and fast two-handed weapon, of course you can fight with one hand but you’ll lose all advantage, and there are some techniques with only one handed attack.
    Check this out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3fK35jaxf8I

    6)Instead of higher AP cost, I would add more fatigue with each reload, so you can still fire one shot each turn and reload. You’d just tire faster.

    Heavy crossbow requires windlass or cranequin to draw, it’s not very tiring but it require a lots of time so 9 AP is more realistic solution. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8J3qMzQlITI

    12)Two-handed warhammers would be cool, as long as they have an respective high minus on the max. fatigue.

    I’m not talking about heavy fantasy two-handed warhammers, I’m talking about this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=92_TKngfYFQ
    It’s not so heavy as you can think.

    13)Tripping enemies. How different would that be from stunning?

    It could decrease enemy AP and gives bonus to hit him.

    There will be more monstrous enemies added later.

    I know but I’m talking about every supernatural creature like all undeads and verwolfs. Morale and panic efect could be use more often.

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    My next suggestions:
    1. Utility Trait:
    Sprinter – 2 AP cost and 20 fatigue, reduce all movement cost for -1 AP (1 AP per field minimum)
    2. Battle Brother should take more resolve tests (not only from ghost scream, but after seeing all super natural creatures and even when enemy have advantage like lot of better equipment or 2 to 1 more troops).
    They should check their resolve. If they failed player lose control of them, but they should not always just retreat, remember old X-com? So not only flee, they could frozen and do nothing, they could go into berserk mode, they even could flee and throw away their weapon and shield.

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    GOD check this out :)

    in reply to: My opinion about this game #3918
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    Armour mechanics in BB is very simple and clear, if devs want more realistic mechanics they should remodel whole weapon damage mechanics.
    Weapons should have new parameters like:
    1) weight: more weight and more impact force after hit = more bludgeoning trauma after hit and higher bonus to armour/shield damage and more fatigue
    2) point of balance: if point of balance is closer to the hilt then accuracy and defense is better and fatigue is less but impact force is lower and less bonus to armour/shield damage
    2) type of damage:
    2a) slashing: high chance for bleeding, low damage to armour
    2b) piercing: high chance for critical damage, very low damage to armour
    2c) bludgeoning: high chance for stunning, low damage to chainmail and padded leather, high damage to plate armour
    2d) hacking: mid chance for bleeding and stunning, medium damage to armour
    3) durability
    4) special structure: for example curved blade is better for slashing and worse for thrusting
    After rebuilding weapons parameters now we can change armour mechanics. First of all armour should protect percentage portion of damage.
    1) Chainmail provides very good protection against slashing, good protection against piercing, medium protection against hacking and almost no protection against bludgeoning (but most of chainmail users wears under chainmaille padded gambeson). Chainmail is heavy and has bad point of balance (all weight is on your shoulders) it should give a lot of fatigue.
    2) Padded leather provides good protection against bludgeoning, medium protection against piercing and hacking, and low protection against slashing, it’s light but heats your body so fatigued is not so low as (but still lower than chainmail)
    3) Scale armour provides good protection against slashing and bludgeoning and hacking, medium protection against piercing. It’s heavy and limits movement (lower defense)
    4) Plate armour provides very good protection against slashing, good protection against piercing and hacking, medium protection against bludgeoning. It’s heavy but the wieght is evenly distributed so fatigue is less than chainmail, but it’s limits movement alot.
    Now we can assume how many percentage portion o damage is very good (99%), good (75%), medium (50%), low (25%). After hit mechanics check what was the type of damage and how many damage target has received, and it compares those parameters with armour type. It calculate how many damage passed through armour and how many damage damaged armour. It’s more realistic but it requires a lot of work to find proper balance.
    Lars Anderson uses lightweight bow, and that’s the speed shooting secret :)

    in reply to: No saving in combat? #3412
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    This game must be difficult and if there was save in battle option it would ruin this.

    in reply to: The Greater Evil #3411
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    I think that Great Evil could be random, it could be mighty orc warlord or great lich or revolutionist or even foreign dark knight invading our country.

    in reply to: Minor Suggestion #3400
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    You’re right and there must be good balance between realism and fun but I like when game provide us icing on the cake :)

    in reply to: Minor Suggestion #3391
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    The merc on receiving end of the perk only needs to hear the order, so their vision doesn´t matter. Otherwise you get the visual image of people pausing in combat to crane their head to look who´s shouting at them.

    Helmets not only decrease your vision but primarily decrease your ability to hear :)

    in reply to: Heavy armour, Close helmet and retreat issues #3390
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    I have a feeling that I’am totally misunderstood :) I’am not against fact that heavy armour should decrease Stamina, I’m against fact that it decrease it way to much. There is significant fatigue increase from mail shirt to heavier armour, I think that heavier armour should decrease your stamina but lighter than now plus it should decrease other statistics like defense and movement. Now Stamina is to important, in my solution it could be a little less important.

    in reply to: Concerning Perk Balancing #3386
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    Instead of perk tree and level cap I would give different perk cost (1 point for 1 tire perk, 2 points for 2 tire per, 4 points for 4 tire perk) + every perk needs proper statistics, and perk points only for 2/3 levels (1,2 level perk, 3 level no perk, 4,5 level perk,6 no perk, etc). In that case there is no weird restrictions and your battle brothers will be more different. Of course this should be balanced against munchins :)

    in reply to: Heavy armour, Close helmet and retreat issues #3378
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    About the heavy armors helms and such, please do remember this is a light fantasy game and not everything from real life benefits the gameplay. The fatugue reduction made by the armors and helms is significant and you sure need a high level warrior or a medium one with good traits to use them. You do not need to have heavy armor, it is purely by choise. You can make light armored fast moving sellswords like in the “one man challenge” picture. They are valid and useful, it only depends on your playstyle. Rushing heavy armor is not the best option though, you should keep a balance of fatigue to be able to fight at all. There are a lot of perks that help you with heavy armor in utility tree tier2. And still it is possible with right traits and perks to make a heavy armored relative high fatigue member.

    I’m aware of traits and need of increasing every level stamina but I don’t think that in full version other stats will be less important than stamina. I understand that wearing heavier armor you need more stamina but cost in fatigue is to big, I’ve showed solution, that there is no need to increase stamina reduction but you can lower other statistics. It’s more realistic, and this game is not only light fantasy. Now I can’t equip my experienced brother (level 6-7) in heavy armour because he have less than 65 Stamina. Of Course I can resign from shield, helmet and get him light weapon but it’s far from realism.

    Currently, wearing anything heavier than Mail requires you take either Brawler or have a very high fatigue merc (Strong, Lumberjack, Hedge Knight, Iron Lungs)

    And wearing plate requires you have both.

    In reality, it took years of training for a man to be able to fight well in plate, and this is reflected in game.

    I don’t think that every medieval knight in full plate armour have 11 level, Iron lungs, proper traits and +4 to Stamina from every level ;)
    I agree that heavy armour shoul decrease your stamina but now it’s way to much.

    in reply to: Character Generation #3371
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    Your starting gear actually has larger impact on the starting difficulty than the traits you get. Sure, you might be able find some really good combos if you could select them, but you can’t. That’s part of the point. The game shouldn’t encourage trying to minmax your starting party, because it is a waste of your time both thematically and practically. They’re not the main characters and the game mechanics should reinforce this.

    I agree with GOD (even though I’m an atheist ;)). This is challenging game not for sissies, this game has opportunity to become legendary game because of cohesion project decisions. It should be more like roguelike game than easy game with load option. You have to play careful and you should take responsibility for your bad decisions. I would go further and after level up I would give random traits (you can only choose type of trait like utility, offensive, defensive).

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